What's got the Coffs Coast talking this week ?
What's got the Coffs Coast talking this week ?

What’s got the Coffs Coast talking?

From fruit picking border hoppers, through to thwarted plans for a Coffs nursery expansion, these stories have got the Coffs Coast talking:


Multimillion-dollar upgrade plans stalled

A PLAN to undertake a major upgrade of Coffs Harbour Nursery has been stalled due to traffic concerns, with one nearby resident going so far as to label it an "accident waiting to happen."

The development application to undertake a multi-million upgrade, with a vision to transform the Sapphire Beach nursery into a destination, was brought before Coffs Harbour City Council recently.


You said:

Murray Watkins - A local business trying to create growth and prosperity. Why can't people get behind these guys and support them.

Two Tails Winery is another company that suffers from constant criticism on expansion plans.  What about the jobs created for young Australians from this growth?  Is that not a consideration too ?

Tahlia Rochelle Moye - It used to be a highway and we as primary school students used to stand on the side of the highway making trucks beep.

With absolutely NO parental supervision. Have a look at how they have made the stupid turn offs with no turning lane and think how many cars put on their break quickly just to get in.

Michelle Stewart - What a fantastic idea! In Sydney, we had Flower Power which had a wonderful cafe (always busy) gardening supplies, tools and then added home wares and pots. It was a one-stop shop and a great place to go, massively successful. Really looking forward to the expansion, a great asset to the Coffs Harbour community.

Shekinah Catliffe - We are residents of this street, seriously there is no problems , some people agree with above , it use to be on the corner of the main highway and we use to stand waiting for the bus by ourselves. It is much safer now.

Christie Lee - What a joke. There is no nursery in coffs anymore. Why not let them expand. This is ridiculous.

Rohan Smith - What rubbish it used to be a hwy going past they can cope with the traffic.

Bradley Gray - After further reading of the below comments, congratulations to the people who love this place. I am also from Sydney - Hills District - Dural. The absolutely beautiful nurseries made the local area thrive, and became an essential hub for the area.


COVID border-hopping fruit picker gives birth at Coffs

A woman who allegedly crossed the border into NSW from Victoria unlawfully, later presented to Coffs Harbour Health Campus to give birth.

The 26-year-old woman (and a 28-year-old man) were among the 10 Malaysian nationals who were all travelling in convoy from Victoria on their way to pick fruit in Coffs Harbour.


You said:

Matt Walsh - How did they make it that far, there lucky to drive A few kilometres in Coffs without causing an accident. Especially in the Mooney Beach bucca area.

James Marshall - The employees should be charged too

Jennifer Dunning - If the employers knew about them crossing the border to work for them , then they should be hauled over the coals.

Néss Mitchell - I bet all of them are here, Will the police go search the berry farms or what?

Vikki Fogarty - Birthing babies in full PPE, go Midwives!

Adam John Bartlett - Who cares. Influenza kills more people every year with a vaccine than covid ever has even with the inflated numbers

People are worried about Rocky the Nana Glen cocky.
People are worried about Rocky the Nana Glen cocky.

Where is Rocky the Nana Glen Cocky ?

HIS fans have been reassured - Rocky the Nana Glen Cocky is just searching for a mate.

The celebrity bird has over 550 followers on his Facebook page, but in recent days there's been questions asked in relation to his whereabouts.

'OK then. I'll be the one to ask. Has anyone heard or seen Rocky in the last week or so?' posted Terry Wilson.

'Hi folks, has Rocky visited anyone recently? Haven't seen him for quite a while,' wrote Joy Leach.



Kyle Austin - I'm in the USA and I'm worried about him

Terri Campbell - I'm at Glenreagh and a flock of about 20 flew over my place on Sunday and circled and flew off towards Nana.........maybe spending time with friends?

Jodie Williams - I am pretty sure he was here yesterday morning! Our neighbour's Dad puts out rolled oats for the birds. He came down to say hello but the puppy scared him off, but he was 'talking', I am sure it was him, East Bank Road Coramba!

Debbie Worldon - Let's hope someone hasn't decided to cage and keep him for themselves.

Lucas Gilkison - Hope he's ok, being spring time now I hope he's found a lady friend.

Michelle Willo - I was worried about him with those strong winds we had xxx

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage
Sunrise host Samantha Armytage

'Blood's boiling': Sam Armytage blasts Palaszczuk

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has lashed out at Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk over the Queensland border closure.

During an interview on the Channel 7 breakfast show, Armytage said her "blood's boiling", adding she wanted to "have it out" with Ms Palaszczuk if she would agree to come on the show.


You said:

Rodney Shoesmith - A lot of people say 'keep the boarders closed to keep the virus out' sorry it is not working new cases are starting to trickle through and popping up around the south east corner. Well done Anna, its not working. Kill the Qld economy and then complain about hate mail she is getting, all I can say is 'She made her bed.

Michelle Stewart - I would like to thank ANY journo right now who will work on and commentate on opening the borders. The vulnerable must accept responsibility to keep themselves safe so the rest of the country can recuperate from this pandemic.

Brittany Lansley - Did any of y'all actually watch this interview? Her bloods boiling because the people in Mungindi (where she had friends and family living close by) which Is a town separated by the QLD border in the form of a river smack bang down the centre of town, recently had their ONLY shopping centre burned down in a freak accident.

Residents are not allowed to cross the border to access much needed produce, there are also people who aren't allowed to send their kids to school because they can't cross the border, they can't access their regular medical services because they can't cross the border...

She's rightfully angry about this! I feel like every Australian should be angry about this!

Jenny Strange - Sam does not rate, I don't care what she thinks it is shut for a reason and when Vic and NSW work it out and sort it out then it will open.

Peter Gearge Farquhar - Simple solution, NSW closes border to Qld so those working in northern NSW won't be able to then watch the outcry.

Patricia Wallace - here goes Armytage with her white privilege ... again ... don't you know the world revolves around her and her wants.

Emily Auld - Keep Qld closed! I don't know why Anna is getting so much hate. The less travel during covid the better. All borders should be closed until there are zero cases, or a vaccine.

Will Bush - We have a pandemic in car accidents in the last seven years with around 1200 deaths in Australia with up to 30,000 injured and in hospital every year. How close will this be to the current COVID-19 problem with four months to go I think it will be close to 1200.

So you have to work out what is the problem ? In 2018, there were 47,310 deaths from all cancers combined in Australia. Have you started to think yet. Did any of these miss out on a cancer vaccine ?

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