What's got the Coffs Coast talking this week.
What's got the Coffs Coast talking this week.

What’s got the Coffs Coast talking ?

FROM nuclear power to Council's jetty land claim these stories have got the Coffs Coast talking.

MP: Council wasting ratepayer dollars and causing unrest

AFTER describing Council as 'tone deaf' over the Cultural and Civic Space, Coffs Harbour MP Gurmesh Singh has accused it of wasting ratepayer dollars and fuelling unrest.

This time it's in relation to Coffs Harbour City Council's recent vote to seek legal advice on the possibility of claiming ownership of a patch of prime Jetty Foreshore land from the NSW Government.

Cr Paul Amos raised the motion and it was supported at Thursday night's Council meeting.

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Tony Judge - I assume that Mr Singh paid for the legal advice he received from taxpayers' money. So why is he criticising Council for doing the same thing?

Jonathan Cassell - Why not try and build a working relationship with council Gurmesh instead of jockeying for some political upper hand. Blaming others is always easier than trying to reconcile differences

Louise Frame - Well, Gurmesh is 100 per cent right about Coffs Harbour City Council

Fish sculpture at Jetty foreshores park.
Fish sculpture at Jetty foreshores park.

Gurmesh Singh: We need 'adult debate' on nuclear energy

COFFS Harbour MP Gurmesh Singh has called for a rational and 'adult debate' on nuclear energy policy.

One Nation's Mark Latham has been pushing a new bill which would lift the ban on uranium mining and allow the use of nuclear power.

Cabinet on Monday voted against supporting it but Deputy Premier John Barilaro and Leader of the NSW Nationals - a long-time supporter of nuclear power - is pursuing other options.

While details are unclear, Coffs Harbour MP Gurmesh Singh has confirmed that:

"There is likely to be a bill introduced into the parliament in the next few months to review the ban on mining," Mr Singh said.

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Andrew Green - Yes It's is time to have a clean producing source of energy it's time We get serious an Deploy Nuclear energy.

Cheryl Cooper - As others are replacing nuclear, Australia, always behind, is now revisiting this toxic industry again. Follow the money.

Mariette Eden - While nuclear in principle is a great solution, it would be critical to avoid mistakes. There are so many issues that relies on a chain of command and compliance.

If a simple industry, like the blueberries flips compliance and gets away with jumping through hoops, I can't think that the bigger issues here would be properly implemented. We are swatting fires everywhere with damage control of this industry and not one of government departments accepts accountability. Management is just as good as the controls and compliance.


Garry Innes - Let's debate it! Good debate, factual debate demonstrates our reality of open, democratic speech and proper decision making processes.

Paul Crowfoot - There needs to be no debate. NO to nuclear energy. Is this guy for real? do your research Gurmesh.

The major challenges facing the nuclear industry include ensuring power plant safety, protecting reactors from natural disasters and external aggression, and finding effective solutions for long-term waste management.

The real issue is the spent rods. Spent fuel is more dangerous because it contains a mixture of fission products, some of which can be long-lived radioactive waste, and also plutonium which is highly toxic.

Currently, only about five percent of the uranium in a fuel rod gets fissioned for energy; after that, the rods are taken out of the reactor and put into permanent storage. A major environmental concern related to nuclear power is the creation of radioactive wastes such as uranium mill tailings, spent (used) reactor fuel, and other radioactive wastes. These materials can remain radioactive and dangerous to human health for thousands of years.

Henry Coates - Nearly every European country relies on nuclear power. Certain aussies love copying everything about europe why not power?

Thomas Owen - How about make it more affordable for everyone to go solar... make energy retailers pay more for excess solar energy and insentivise battery storage! Last time I checked the sun isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

Sue Wetherell Foote - We need a clean power, not anything dangerous. What's wrong with solar and wind?

Paul Cutmore - Unfortunately there is too much green crap around with their uneducated views on the best and once established energy available and no continual substantial costs like the unreliable renewable energy.

Congratulations Mr Singh you have the support of all decent Australians

Brendan Dutton - Here's your debate, it's expensive, dangerous, already outdated, impractical, destructive. These are the facts end of story...drops mic

Paul Shoker - Australia has a long history of successfully using Nuclear byproducts. Lucas Heights reactor produces medical supplies for domestic and international export.

Modern nuclear energy is safe, baseload and if you believe we face a climate emergency it is critical in supplying zero emissions energy.

Nuclear works successfully in countries such as the US, UK, France, Germany, so why not here?

A Coffs Harbour City Councillor is seeking urgent advice on what has gone wrong.
A Coffs Harbour City Councillor is seeking urgent advice on what has gone wrong.

More than $15m in 'net losses' from Council's budget

A COFFS Harbour City Councillor is seeking urgent advice on a $15.3m 'net loss' outlined in draft financial statements for the 2019/20 financial year.

Council's draft Annual Financial Statements will be considered at this week's Council meeting.

The statements must be approved to meet legislative requirements in relation to the completion and audit of Council's Annual Financial Statements for 2019/2020.

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Phil Tripp - Not surprising that Council is bleeding so badly in deficit and it looks like more bad news to come. I'm glad The Advocate is diligently keeping its eyes on the Council. Consider this; Coffs Council is proud to declare 'awards' it has won in events and tourism but fails to disclose how much they pay to be nominated for these faux tributes. They are not chosen based on merit but potential winners are required to put up stiff 'nomination fees' to even be considered plus the marketing and payola to the judges and promoters. And then there are the costs of staff attending these Awards shows to receive their 'prize'.

It would be interesting to see how much money Coffs Council has blown over the past few years in pursuit of pay-for-play prizes. Any councillors up to answering that question? Steve the GM? Mayor Knight?

Mandy Wells - So they've been fudging the numbers to get their emerald edifice through and it's now caught up with them. Bet there'll be a new (fudging-friendly) accountant on the books soon.

Pete Evans' new life in northern NSW's tribal community

Celebrity Chef Pete Evans is taking on tribal "off matrix" living.

The controversial figure has bought into the Nightcap on Minjungbul development about an hour drive from Byron Bay.

The community is based on the "tribal philosophy" of "do no harm". There is no running water or electricity.

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Graham Cowling - This guy could be the leader of all the anti-mask,anti/vaxers ? Put em ALL in a compound together and remove their handouts....maybe, make it into reality TV. Let's see how harmonious they are then ?

Violet Rose Ifans McDonald - Perhaps his restricted diet is starving his brain

Fobras Gonkk - Australia's largest free range lunatic asylum

Mandy Wells - Please stop giving this fool airtime

John Smith - Good on you Pete, nothing wrong with coming back to country. Pete got out of the celebrity scene by choice.

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Coffs Coast beckons as Surfer Groms Comp Series arrives

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