Coffs Harbour City Council.
Coffs Harbour City Council.

What’s got the Coffs Coast talking?

Logic absentia

THE mayor says: "Go-ahead was given after years of waiting."

As I understand it, the people of Coffs Harbour; those who have lived here either for the whole or the greater part of their lives; have been waiting for council to rebuild their town hall and to provide them with a performing arts and hospitality precinct not rebuild their council chambers?

The Coffs Harbour community; a community spread far and wide; were ill-informed about the Gordon Street proposals as the "public consultation process" was totally inadequate and

lacking in transparency.

I do not propose to address all the issues raised by the Mayor but note the Mayor states that an assessor identified a host of benefits totalling $57 million over 30 years.; i.e. $1.9millon per annum. Why has this assessor's report been kept from the public eye and, are these benefits before or after the payment of interest on borrowings, maintenance on the building, wages and entitlements and marketing?

Janne Lindrum addresses Coffs Harbour City Council.
Janne Lindrum addresses Coffs Harbour City Council.

And does this report inform as to how 31 positions will be created and confirm the currently unsubstantiated stated visitation of thousands of people per annum or is that yet another number that remains "unsubstantiated"?

Omitted, the fact that council will be turning its back, not solely on its obligation to develop City Hill as a performing arts and hospitality precinct, but the opportunity to take up

substantive government grants.

If there is logic, it alludes me. A public/private partnership on City Hill will generate far

greater revenue and create far more jobs.

Dr Janne Clara Lindrum

The site of the proposed $76.5 million Cultural and Civic Space development.
The site of the proposed $76.5 million Cultural and Civic Space development. TREVOR VEALE

Take it to next level

HELLO again Coffs Harbour Local Government Area.

Following the last council meeting, we have decided to take our concerns about the "Cultural and Civic Space" to the State Parliament.

In order to comply with the State's petitions policy, we must create another petition with handwritten signatures.

We are aiming for a minimum of 10,000 signatures to allow us to go straight to the Legislative Assembly.

To sign this petition and/or pick up a printed copy to gain signatures yourself, please head to:

• Park Beach Plaza's courtesy desk or •The Art Shop, Unit 2/151 Orlando Street, Coffs Harbour (directly behind Cetnag Lighting & next door to Vast Interiors)

If you would like a digital copy to print yourself please email me at

Your sheets with handwritten signatures can then be handed in to either of the locations listed above (I.e. Park Beach Plaza or The Art Shop).

I will let you know when all petition sheets must be in by.

The council are likely to act fast to progress this development and so we must act fast to gain the pause we need for more and meaningful community consultation.

Thanks in advance for all of your help. I know it can be a struggle to be heard but together we can get there.

Please don't hesitate to contact me through the above mentioned email should you have any queries. Thanks again

Jami Winnacott

Cr Denise Knight using her casting vote to rescind the rescission motion.
Cr Denise Knight using her casting vote to rescind the rescission motion. Trevor Veale

Going against the community's wishes

I WOULD like to refute Denise Knights claim that a "small noisy minority" are opposed to the current plan for the cultural centre.

This is a standard ploy of all levels of government making claims without supporting evidence.

I attended the meeting at the showground and three council meetings and anyone who was there would be in no doubt as to the plans opposition.

The Advocate ran an online poll to gauge public sentiment on this plan and the abandonment of bulky waste pick-up.

Both polls were strongly against the council's decisions and ignored.

Can the Mayor please substantiate her "small minority" claim with proof or stop insulting the residents intelligence.

Thumbs Up to the Coffs Coast Advocate for conducting online polls which reflect the opinions of the majority of readers. Fair and balanced.

Lindsay Townsend

Alan Jones.
Alan Jones.

Jones should apologise to Kiwi PM

ALAN Jones is a disgrace.

Yet again, he bleats a vile and misogynistic attack on high a high profile, powerful woman. There was violence in his language toward Jacinda Ardern, just as there was violence when he said Julia Gillard should be put in a "chaff bag" and thrown in the sea.

And how do we respond?

We accept his hollow back tracking and bellyaching gibberish and we tune in for more.

The dinosaurs are clutching the megaphones and their words are fuelling our high rates of domestic violence, emotional abuse and murder of women and girls. It's time to change channels and find a new voice.

S. Holbrook, Sawtell

NSW Nationals leader John Barilaro.
NSW Nationals leader John Barilaro.

Shame NSW Nationals shame

THE NSW Nationals should hold their heads in shame, their becoming serial offenders at breaking election promises. At the 2011 election Mike Baird backed by the salivating Nationals promised that selling off the "poles and wires" would deliver cheaper electricity prices and minimal job losses, that worked out didn't it.

If that spurious claim of cheaper electricity prices wasn't insulting enough, the massive job losses, 2000 since 2015, to Essential Energy workers in regional NSW, has been a disaster for local economies and consumers, especially when major outages and storm damage occurs.

Essential Energy plans to slash one in five regional positions by 2024 that will see an additional 500 jobs go on top of the 182 currently announced, with Port Macquarie, Grafton, Taree and Lismore bearing the brunt.

It's just another kick in the guts for our long-suffering regional communities.

The responses from both Nationals MPs Gulaptis and Barilaro were pathetic, Gulaptis issued a stern "please explain", then stated "at the end of the day the horse has bolted", I wonder who opened the gate.

Barilaro also let fly with some tough talk stating that "even though Essential Energy has been privatised we won't accept forced job cuts".

He must have forgotten the previous 2000 sackings.

Beware, the NSW Nationals, have a well-used strategy when facing revolt, and it involves a barrel, and being a livestock-based party.

They fill their barrel with pork, and roll it out unashamedly, in blatant, targeted vote buying exercises.

Keith Duncan


Praise flows over freestyle poetry

THUMBS UP to the Poetry Slam - its organisers, the Library staff and especially the poets.

An entertaining, educational and enlightening event.

Robin North Toormina


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