Coffs Harbour from the air.
Coffs Harbour from the air. Keagan Elder

What's got the Coffs Coast talking?

THUMBS UP: TO the wonderful volunteer team lead by Gail at Coffs Hospital Oncology unit, who provided a 'Look Good Feel Better,' workshop for female cancer patients.

Absolutely uplifting, generous and encouraging.

Nancy Tigwell

THUMBS DOWN: TO greedy people who steal cherries from Woolworths.

leaving stems and pips behind as evidence of their brazen theft.

Joan Jackson

THUMBS DOWN: TO all Australian governments for not making solar panels compulsory on all council and government buildings all non-government buildings and new homes with a time limit for older homes and perhaps low interest rate loans.

The effects of global warming are evident all over the world, its time to get serious about saving this planet, if it is not too late already.

Lynette F Hyde, Toormina

THUMBS UP: TO John from Banana Coast Garage Doors.

When we were in dire straights with our automatic garage door half down, hanging in an angle and off the rails John came promptly to the rescue and that on a Saturday afternoon at 3.30pm.

He arrived with a smile on his face.

He worked for one and a half hours non stop.

After repairing and servicing the door, he put a smile on our faces when he mentioned how much we had to pay for his prompt, professional service.

John, you are a gem.

Margeretha Bonnet

Coffs Harbour

THUMBS UP: I WOULD to give a heartfelt thank you to two people who helped me when I lost my handbag on Tuesday.

Being an elderly lady I was quite traumatised to find it missing on my way home from shopping.

Sam from Woolworths showed great kindness helping me through the banks and police while Mac from Jack's Tyres found the bag on the footpath and handed it in.

What a wonderful pair.

Doreen Smith

THUMBS UP: TO the Coffs Coast Advocate and their cover shot call out each week.

Not only do we get see so many brilliant photos of our beautiful region, but personally I have discovered many places in our area that I never knew existed.

Thanks for encouraging a new found passion in photography and opening a greater awareness of the beauty that surrounds me.

Bronwyn Hawkes

THUMBS UP: TO Dell from Boambee Swim Care. Her amazing coaching and understanding manner helped my eldest achieve the swim time he needed to qualify for his silver medallion.

Anne-Marie Herden

THUMBS DOWN: TO the maniacs running the gauntlet along Waterfall Way, overtaking into blind corners and trying to overtake two or three vehicles at one time.

Advocate your letter writer this week was right. It's time for a four lane roadway or at least new overtaking lanes running up the mountain.

Nancy Reedy

THUMBS DOWN: TO whoever dumped heaps of rubbish at the charity bin at the op shop on West High St next to the doctors. Drove past on Sunday and there was crap everywhere.

Megan Bridges

THUMBS UP: TO the motorists that use Albany street weekdays, slowing down and stopping allowing us to cross the road every morning and afternoon, you are all awesome. Thank you.

Mechelle Winderlich

THUMBS DOWN: TO the people throwing rubbish all over Park Beach. Take only memories.

Michelle Young

THUMBS UP: TO everyone helping out our farmers.

Chloe Louise

THUMBS UP: TO the staff at Cutlers Tyre Power Coffs Harbour. Always fast and friendly service. Thank you.

Tracey Parker

THUMBS UP: TO the Bunker Cartoon Gallery for having the awesome idea to have a Cartoon Festival in Coffs Harbour. First ever in Australia.

Coffs Coast Cartoon Festival.

THUMBS UP: MASSIVE thumbs up to the new Village Takeaway in Sawtell. Bloody brilliant burgers and great friendly staff.

Mandy Wells

THUMBS DOWN: TO the political correctionists in our society who can't laugh at themselves, who push for laws to ban fun and a good time and who generally speaking are religious types hellbent on stopping the great Aussie spirit of having a laugh, drinking a few, enjoying life and telling it how it is. We use to be the best country in the world to live.

Steve Allan

THUMBS DOWN: TO the lights on the Coffs Harbour railway bridge crossing the Pacific Highway.

She would look good all illuminated in time for Christmas, but at the moment only two of the 30-or so lights on the bridge are actually working.

I have raised the issue with local politicians who can't seem to get the matter fixed.

Peter Williams

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