What's got the Coffs Coast talking this week?
What's got the Coffs Coast talking this week? Contributed

What's got the Coffs Coast talking?

THUMBS DOWN: TO "so-called" parents who allow their children to run berserk terrorising neighbours day and night.

Act like "real" parents and take responsibility for their actions - it's your fault.

You obviously don't care for them otherwise they wouldn't seek attention from any quarter. Do they have to be arrested or molested to wake you up?

Lynette F Hyde, Toormina

THUMBS DOWN: TO the considerate truck driver for Coke - going into the plaza Friday morning.

This driver waited for our ladies cycle group to get safely through the round about without zipping up the inside or beeping or getting too close. Thank you massive thumbs up.

Cassie Cameron

THUMBS DOWN: TO the local service stations for the price of petrol or diesel.

We have just been down around Nelson's Bay and paid $1.43 per litre the highest was $1.48. Come on Coffs encourage visitors to our beautiful part of the coast.

Margaret Mclean

THUMBS DOWN: TO crap lighting at pedestrian crossings.

Paul Dingle

THUMBS UP: TO Urunga Neighborhood Center for free help with tax returns. Such a wonderful service.

Jo Ford

THUMBS UP: TO Vision Property at Woolgoolga for not just one, but four team members responding to cries for help after I locked my daughter and I out of our house.

Not only was it well outside of office hours but all were willing to help, with kindness and understanding.

Every one of you truly went above and beyond.

Tamara Kerr

THUMBS DOWN: TO employers who judge potential employers by their body size and tell them they are unsuitable for the job because of their "body" and that they have children.

Your loss.

This mum has a great work history and strong references, reliable day care and a loving family and friends who won't be using or recommending your business.

Margaret Schumacher

THUMBS DOWN: TO the woman who pretended she was going to pick up her dog's business on Joyce St and when we drove past just walked off.

Hundreds of school kids walk through that area.

One day it might be your granddaughter who was in the pram with you who walks it back through your house.

Dog ownership equals picking up its poo as well.

Matthew Primmer

THUMBS DOWN: TO The Advocate's report on the arson court case involving the Glenreagh Church. Advocate you should have done your job and named and shamed the offender. The community deserves to know who was responsible for this crime.

Donna Wilkinson

Editor's note: The person accussed of that offence was 17 at the time police will allege, therefore it's a matter being dealt with before the Children's Court. Under media reporting laws someone appearing before the Children's Court can not be named.

THUMBS DOWN: TO all the motorists that block off the pedestrian crossing at Harbour Drive/West High junction.

Sara Wilks

Reply on Facebook: Especially B doubles.

Trish Welsh

Reply on Facebook: Any pedestrian crossing.

Kelly Booth

THUMBS UP: TO everyone who donated to the Doing it for the Farmers Collection in Sawtell.

Sawtell RSL Club, Sawtell Paradise Fruit and Leigh Jensen for collecting and delivering.

Margaret Schumacher

THUMBS UP: THANKS to the Council gardeners for our lovely roundabouts. Also those that clean up the Jetty BBQ areas and public toilets.

Gillian Pollinger

THUMBS DOWN: TO staff (at a local fast food chain store) who said they were too busy to help an elderly lady who had a fall on their premises and broke her wrist. This is shameful and unAustralian.

Trish Welsh

THUMBS DOWN: TO neighbors who constantly choose school nights to party on.

Josie Crawford

A HUGE big thumbs up to all the businesses in this region who are now donating money to struggling farmers doing it so tough right now.

Melanie Farr

THUMBS DOWN: WHAT'S happening on the rebuild of the North Wall?

Mothballed project it seems no closer to completion than it was on the date itwas earmarked for completion last year. New signaage is really needed to inform the public.

Paul Hockley-Atkins

THUMBS DOWN: KATHLEEN Fanning's letter in last Saturday's Advocate paints a sad picture of what is happening to our forests.

The NSW Government has opened up vast areas of old-growth forest and rainforest in our region to increased logging intensity, clearfelling, reduced buffers on headwater streams and the removal of protections for most threatened species on public land.

Along with the disappearance of our forests we will lose the wildlife that make these forests home, as well as critical biodiversity.

I urge readers to contact their local state member and the relevant government ministers to voice their dismay.

Russell Chiffey, Coffs Harbour

THUMBS DOWN: TO drivers who use the protection of their motor vehicles to yell abuse at women on the roads, in their gardens or in the streets. Cowards.

If you haven't got the guts to face a woman with your insults so action could be taken, you are pathetic low-lifes.

Lynette F Hyde, Toormina

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