What's got the Coffs Coast talking?

The NSW Rural Fire Service this week suspended fire permits on the Coffs Coast.
The NSW Rural Fire Service this week suspended fire permits on the Coffs Coast. DAN HIMBRECHTS

Is there really a need to burn-off Coffs?

THUMBS down to all those private and public land fire makers/burners who poison our precious air, blemish the landscape, destroy vegetation/habitat and are the cause for 95% of all our region's bushfires.

Shame on you.

John Christie


Whales are forced to run the gauntlet

WHAT great timing to have surf racing boat races at Coffs Harbour to coincide with the humpback whales' southerly migration.

It's an interesting time for these beautiful creatures.

In July, a baby humpback was killed by shark nets off the Gold Coast, and again last month another baby was tangled but fortunately freed.

Another really nasty hazard now is drones, totally unsupervised, hovering and probably buzzing them.

There may be other similar whale hazards further down Australian waters, but then comes probably the greatest of all - the Japanese whalers.

Who can possibly guess how many humpbacks will be killed now that they're totally out of control, and not even being watched?

Do we have to make life so hard for these beautiful creatures?

Mal Anderson

Coffs Harbour

Postal vote a waste of time and money

HAVING a plebiscite for same sex marriage with a postal vote and not making it compulsory is a stupid idea, plus costs $122 million to do it.

Why didn't they wait for the next federal election and add it onto the paper?

A lot cheaper than wasting millions. It's about time this government got into the 21st century.

Pat Kelso

Coffs Harbour

Let us know your thoughts on the proposed Great National Koala Park via a letter to the editor.
Let us know your thoughts on the proposed Great National Koala Park via a letter to the editor. Trevor Veale

Locking up forests a dead trap for wildlife

WE KEEP hearing about this novel idea of a few green groups locking up local state forests to create a great koala national park.

Sounds good in theory, but a death trap in reality.

You see, locking up forests and stopping cattle grazing in national parks and plantation forests plus the harvesting of dead timber and plantation corridors has created more bushfire fuel on the ground making for hotter, faster spreading fires.

That alone has killed more wildlife, more koalas in times of fires than logging ever has.

Can someone tell those latte sipping greenies in Sydney that New South Wales also needs timber to prop up our housing developments and to bankroll our big spending state governments.

John Franklin

Coffs Harbour

Rubbish in landfill.
Rubbish in landfill. Donna Cecil

Planet faces only man-made problems

THE sane, sensible, majority of Aussies realise that human over-population is the cause of every environmental problem facing the planet.

Those same Aussies also realise religion is the major cause of over-population and is violently opposed to any environmental consideration.

Frank Brown

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Search for missing swimmer enters its second day

SEARCH ONGOING: Emergency services continue to search for a 22-year-old man, believed to be from Queensland, who was swept out to sea by a rip when swimming at Valla Beach on Saturday, February 17, 2018.

Emergency services continue to look for man pulled out to sea in rip

Local schools rank third in student expulsion numbers

23 local students were expelled for unsatisfactory participation while 18 were expelled for misbehaviour during 2016.

41 students expelled from Mid North Coast public schools in a year.

Waist deep only: swimmers urged to stay safe in big swell

ROUGH SEAS: The Coffs Coast has been issued a hazardous surf warning and marine wind warning.

Big swell expected to continue this week

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