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Remembering the Battle of Lone Pine

WE commemorate this year the 102nd anniversary of the Battle of Lone Pine, one of the most bitterly fought actions of the Gallipoli Campaign.

More than 2,200 Australians were killed or wounded and there were up to 7,000 casualties on the Turkish side.

The battle exemplified the courage, resilience and determination associated with the Anzacs.

Incredible bravery was demonstrated on both sides, with seven members of the Australian Imperial Force awarded the Victoria Cross-the most from any single action during the First World War. Many more received decorations for their part in the fighting.

Lone Pine Cemetery is the location of the Memorial to the Missing which lists the names of the 4,224 Australians who lost their lives at Gallipoli and who have no known grave.

Minister for Veterans' Affairs Dan Tehan



Isn't there cruelty in making cupcakes?

IF the aim of the RSPCA is to prevent cruelty to animals (Cakes vs cruelty, Coffs Coast Advocate, Wednesday, August 2) why do four of the cupcake recipes on their website contain ingredients derived by cruelty to animals -namely eggs and dairy?

In order to produce eggs all male chicks are dropped live into mincing machines or gassed on day one of their lives.

All females meet a terrifying and painful death at just eighteen months of age.

In order to obtain dairy products cows are compelled to have a baby each year and, within hours of giving birth, their beloved babies are torn from their side and killed so farmers can steal their milk.

If the RSPCA genuinely wanted to prevent cruelty to animals wouldn't all their cupcake recipes be cruelty-free?

Jenny Moxham


The NSW Government predicts electricity consumers are on track for the third drop in charges in as many years.
The NSW Government predicts electricity consumers are on track for the third drop in charges in as many years. John Gass


Power to all the pensioners

IF you don't ask you don't get the prize.

I have been paying my electricity account in two week instalments of $34.

I have an account balance of $179.92 credit.

Origin must think that as I have been regular in my payments they should, just out of the kindness of their hearts, raise t he payments to $43. Why? well mainly because they can.

But Old Pete wont take these things sitting down, or standing up or even laying on my back, which is a common posture of late.

A phone call, and a visit to Manilla and I am still to pay $34 each pension day if the moths haven't eaten most of the money before I get it.

Pensioners, Go get 'em. They will try to gouge as much as they can.

By the way, I asked the unforgivable question: 'Do Origin staff get discounts on their power usage' ... "I am sorry sir, I am not prepared to answer that question."

Peter Rake

Coffs Harbour


Customer complains about table service after coffee purchase in local cafe.
Customer complains about table service after coffee purchase in local cafe. Valentyn Volkov


No coffee for you

ON Saturday, I went to a local café for a coffee and some lunch.

This café is in Coffs Harbour and they serves great coffee and food but, the café was very busy and limited sitting was only available on Saturday.

Having a major disability and needing to sit, I found a free table and there was no signage or other to say it was taken or reserved. It had five seats.

I sat down to have my coffee first before lunch.

A little after 20 minutes of sitting there enjoying my coffee, a young man came to me and asked if it was ok for others to sit at my table, I said yes, he replied, you must leave the table too (I thought he was joking, but he wasn't).

He stated, I could offer them another table but, I want this one (by the way, he didn't offer me another table at all), he stated he was very sorry but, they had reservation for a table and he didn't have time to put a sign up.

He kept going on and on, so I got up, I was really really embarrassed and I didn't know what to do.

As I got up and the other people said thank you. I just shock my head and walked out.

Never have I been booted out of a café before and over someone else wanting the table I was sitting at. If it had a sign or other, I wouldn't have sat there in the first place!

The young man (finding out he was the 2IC of the café) followed me out the door and stated he was very sorry and he shouldn't have done that to me.

I stated "why then did you ask me to leave"?

He needed a table and he had no other options but me (that was a lie, as he stated "he did have another table for them at the back of the cafe".

He then stated he would give me a free coffee and make me feel good the next time I visit them, I replied with I wont be back and I'll let other staff members know what happened to me.

He kept saying he was sorry, but, sorry doesn't cut being rude to a customer, a person with a major disabilities and a Veteran that has severed his country.

John Hindle


Emerald beach boat ramp and foreshores. 11 July 2017
Emerald beach boat ramp and foreshores. 11 July 2017 Trevor Veale


Emerald Beach boat ramp woes

I AND other boat owner colleagues are strongly opposed to the removal of the Emerald Beach boat ramp.   

Emerald Beach began its life as a small fishing village and it's still loved for this today; it's centred on the beach, fishing, surfing and marine activities of all kinds.

I am disappointed with the six options put forward for the Emerald Beach Masterplan.  

I cannot believe that most propose the removal of the boat ramp.  

I have been launching my boat at Emerald Beach since 1972 and I'm shocked to think 'progress' is to remove the boat ramp.  

I have been fined $110 for leaving my vehicle on the beach after launching at Sandy Beach.  

If you take away Emerald Beach boat ramp, there is nowhere to launch between Woolgoolga and Coffs.  

According to local information, the Woolgoolga Surf Club is to be relocated at the VRO above the boat ramp, with the loss of three boat trailer and vehicle parking spaces.   

There is major congestion on weekends at Coffs Harbour boat ramp and having a new Emerald Beach boat ramp and appropriate parking would ease some of that pressure and give the locals a fair go.   

This is Coffs Harbour and the Solitary Island Marine Park…..shouldn't we be adding boat ramps instead of taking them away?    I would be happy to be part of a boat owners group to support the replacement of the existing Emerald Beach boat ramp. My phone number if anyone wants to contact me is: 0410 562 386  

John Howard, Emerald Beach      

Serious crash on the Mid North Coast

premium_icon Serious crash on the Mid North Coast

Paramedics worked to revive an elderly driver in one vehicle.

POLL: Who's getting your vote to become the next Cowper MP?

POLL: Who's getting your vote to become the next Cowper MP?

Cowper dubbed a crucial seat by the political pundits.

POLL: Who's getting your vote to become the next Page MP?

POLL: Who's getting your vote to become the next Page MP?

It's almost election time, who's got your vote?