What's got the Coffs Coast talking?

Electricity cash return an appreciated bonus

MR Rake seems to think he deserves a lot more free tax payer's money than the $75 gratuity freely given.

Is it because he lives in Australia and so should be kept by its government?

Possibly politicians don't complain about any pay rise they are granted even they too did no earn it.

A grateful Aussie pensioner.

V.T Cunningham, Coffs Harbour


Don't slap a gift horse in the mouth

ELECTRICITY bills that people cannot afford to pay are mainly due to the excessive supply charges imposed, because of the State Government's sale of poles and wires for other purposes.

Were these fees demolished that charge for electricity actually used would be more affordable.

Even if no electricity at all was used the imposts still apply. Supply and connection fees were already paid when the premises were built and first occupied.

The $75 government grant to seniors and pensioners is a bonus hand-out to help pay for electricity consumption not gout.

Looking a gift horse in the mouth and being ungrateful for anything freely given won't make Peter Rake enjoy his blessing from Australian citizenship. Be happy mate.

P. Dawson, Coffs Harbour.


Offended by doctor's medical label

I AM an 82-year-old lady who raised four children successfully.

Three years ago I contracted a muscle disorder because of stress.

I was put on a steroid medication and it causes weight gain.

I have achieved many goals in my life but couldn't lose the weight whilst on steroids.

To read a medical report calling me 'morbidly obese' was a huge shock.

Do they have a name for heavy smokers, heavy drinkers, drug takers and dole bludgers.

All of the above affect other people as well. Be nice.

Meg Sullivan.


Lifesaving role of our health professionals

I WOULD like to send out a big thumbs up to the Day Surgical staff at Coffs Health Campus.

My husband had his first anaesthetic at age 70 this week.

The staff in the day surgery unit were so kind and caring and made sure he was comfortable at all times.

They even phoned the next day to ask how he had slept the night after his surgery. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Betsy and Tony White


Other factors at play with Coffs fuel prices

I COULD not agree more with Winston Heywood's claim of a fuel price cartel in Coffs Harbour (Advocate, June 29).

I returned from a two month 7,000km road trip.

Diesel fuel in Coffs Harbour when I left was $1.349 per litre.

My journey took me to the outback and north QLD.

Moree was $1.259, Charleville $1.299, Blackall $1.199, Rockhampton $1.279, Ayr $1.209, Cairns $1.309.

The most expensive was Cooktown at $1.335 (still 1.5 cents cheaper than Coffs).

I frequently filled up even in isolated fuel stop or small country towns at $1.189. 

How Coffs can justify an extra 16 cents per litre than an isolated outback (or coastal for that matter) service station beats me. 

At the end of the day, nowhere in the 7000km did I pay equal to or more expensive than Coffs Harbour.

Makes you wonder why does it not?

Raymond Watson


High prices and less servos or more servos and competition

I HAVE read recent articles in The Coffs Coast Advocate where readers are whinging about new service station developments at Moonee Beach and Toormina.

Add these proposed fuel stops to the new service stations currently being built at Nambucca Heads and the planned servo for Arrawarra and the Coffs Coast stands to get more competition in the fuel market.

If you whinge about the price of fuel on the coast, you can't slam developers for looking to bring competition into the market through new developments.

Grant Newberry, Bonville

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