What's got the Coffs Coast talking?

Passer-by recognised for kind deed

A HUGE Thumbs Up to the young lady who found a wallet on the southern breakwall on Friday 16th.

She was attempting to find the owner and asked if I had lost it.

We looked in the wallet checking for ID and we discovered that it belong to a young man who regularly rides his tricycle with his carer around the foreshore.

It was returned to him in tact, including cash.

Most inspiring to see such honesty from this young lady. Well done.

Evan Jaffer, Coffs Harbour


Council repairs prove a hit with kids

TO the Coffs Council's Parks & Gardens for repairing and reinstalling the "The Red Spinner" playground equipment at the Jetty Park Play Area. 

It is the most popular piece of play equipment amongst children of all ages. 

Our Grand Daughter was so happy to see it reappear.

Pleased Grandparents

Lionel & Desolie Goodacre


Keeping climate debate in check

IN answering Ken Mitchell's letter on Saturday.

He quoted (climate change researcher Howard Bradley at Macquarie University) as saying the CSIRO calculations on sea level rise are wrong.

Bradley is internationally recognized for his identification and naming of several species of antarctic algae while doing his Phd.

These are now, with other algae being studied by other scientists to trace the climate history of the antarctic.  

He is a retired CEO of Oil Company Mosiac and his position at Macquarie University appears to be honorary. His only publication on climate change were a couple of letters to the editor  of Sydney Morning Herald.

He has just recently written a book again bagging research on climate change.

Ken if as you say in your letter you have been here along time,you must have noticed that instead of three dunes along Park Beach there is now only one and the bitumen road in between the Coffs Surf Club and the beach was washed away about 20 years ago.

Science checks and double checks I suggest this is a good way to get too the truth.

Charlie England.


Climate facts are up for dispute

ACTUALLY Ken Mitchell, your "facts" (Saturday, June 17) about climate change science are simply not facts.

When Dr Howard Brady's claims were reported in July 2011, Professor Lesley Hughes, Head of the the Department of Biological Science at Macquarie University, where Dr Brady had worked, pointed out that Brady was not in fact not a climate researcher but was a "a retired palaeontologist" who was interested in changes at his local beaches, but " he is not formally collaborating with any climate change researchers at Macquarie, and he has not published any papers on this topic in the peer reviewed scientific literature"

Dr John Hunter of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC in Hobart ( who actually is an expert climate researcher) stated at the time "over the past 20 years, observations of sea level rise have been WELL ABOVE the IPCC projections (by about 60%)" - the capital letters were his emphasis.

Each of us is free to think whatever we wish about the climate science Mr Mitchell, but your "facts".... are not facts.

Paul Parramore



Accept the warning on global warming

THE planet is warming (that's official), and we are experiencing more rain when natural systems configure a rain-making pattern.

That's because a warmer atmosphere holds more water (that's physics).

Warmer air carries more water, which is released during heavy bursts of rainfall.

So when it rains, it rains with more intensity and for longer.

Heavy rain is now more frequent than under the stable climate we once had.

Globally, the observed number of record-breaking rain events from 1980-2010 was 12% higher than would be expected in a world without global warming.

The risk of flooding is increasing.

Floods are the main weather event that forces people to leave their homes - an average of 22.5 million people per year from 2008-2014. This number will double if we do not limit global warming to +2°C.

A recent Senate cross-party committee report concluded that climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events.

That's the reality. No debate, no ifs and buts. The earth is round not flat and gravity is a real force. Climate change is real and in the absence of any effective action by governments we have to learn to live with it and adapt. That includes prolonged rain events like this recent one. 

Harry Creamer 



Good gas then there's bad gas

ALAN Finkel's proposal of a Clean Energy Target CET) has been widely hailed as a solution to the stoush over electricity and green house gas (GHG) emissions.

But is it a victory for the right wing crazies in the Coalition? Consider two facts.

The first is that the CET doesn't start until 2020 and when it does it will replace the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

Only renewable technologies like solar and wind could be a part of the RET 'race'.

The right wing crazies hated that. The CET, on the other hand, allows any technology to 'run the race'. The fossil fuel technologies, however, carry a heavy handicap in this 'race'. Let me show you.

Those technologies that produce less than 700 kg of CO2 in generating 1 megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity will be lightly handicapped.

These would include solar, wind and hydro.

Those technologies that produce more than 700 kg of CO2 in generating 1 MWh of power would be heavily handicapped.

The best example is coal. It produces 990 kg per MWh of power generated.

Is gas lightly or heavily handicapped? It depends on the gas.

Conventional gas (CG) is extracted without fracking so when it is mined there is little methane leakage. As a result, it produces only 550kg of CO2 per MWh of electricity.

Unconventional gas like coal seam gas (CSG) needs fracking to extract it so there is heavy methane leakage when it is mined. As a result, it produces 1500 kg in generating 1 MWh.

How will the handicapping system work? It will be about certificates.

Imagine one million certificates in a 'counting house' when the CET begins.

All technologies will be issued certificates from this counting house. But the less CO2 a technology produces, the more certificates it will be allotted.

The renewables will earn bags of certificates, CG will be next in line while CSG will get scarcely a certificate. To 'operate', technologies like CSG and coal will have to buy certificates. From whom? From wind, solar, hydro and CG. These technologies will prosper while coal and CSG will wither.

But they will only wither if the price of certificates is set high.

This is where the right wing crazies might win. They might force Malcolm Turnbull to set the price of certificates low in return for their support.

Dr Michael Blockey



Falsehoods in scientific findings

IN reply to Andrew Woodward's facts (climate change letter to the editor), here are the real facts.

Based on actual observations at Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour from 1886 to 2010 the USNOAA records that the ocean has risen 6.5 cm over an entire century.

Given this result, climate change researcher Howard Brady, at Macquarie University said:

"The recent research meant sea level rises accepted by the CSIRO were already dead in the water as having no sound basis in probability."

Dr Brady also added the divergence between sea level trends from computer models and sea level trends from the tide gauge records was now so great, it is clear there is a "serious problem" with the computer models.

I can only conclude that the CSIRO, like the IPCC, has been caught out using false data in their climate computer model to give the results they desire to fool the Government and public.

A sea level rise of two metres during the next 83 years looks like a big fat lie.

The "science" is definitely not in!

Although there are some ice sheets melting in the Artic, none of the alarmists mentions the fact that the ice sheets in the Antarctica are increasing in size according to NASA's satellite observations.

Ken Mitchell, Coffs Harbour



Climate protester's view on office rally

LUKE Hartsuyker some how took a moral high ground and gave the impression that the Coffs Coast Climate Action Group was being unreasonable.

As a volunteer I feel I must set the record straight.

We put in a request to have a meeting with our MP on the 9th of April and never heard back.

We waited almost two months for not even a response.

All we were doing was trying to make an appointment to see our "representative".

We were peaceful, respectful to the staff and police and would have made way for any other constituents to talk to staff, if there had been any.

Democracy only works when there is an open door policy.

Our representative is actually meant to listen to us and represent us, hence the name. We are Luke's constituents.

We know climate change presents a threat to our way of life here on the Coffs Coast.

All we wanted was to voice our concerns of handing over $900 million dollars of our public money to a giant new coal mine. Is that unreasonable?

Marnie Cotton



School funding isn't a privilege of the wealthy

THE amount of money the Federal Government gives to the very wealthy private schools, I mean the really wealthy ones, not the Catholic schools, is disgusting.

These wealthy private schools end up far better off than the public schools, so there must be something wrong.

Many of are so wealthy they can afford to run their own fleets of buses.

These schools all sit on vast amounts of very valuable real estate in prime locations which they don't need.

They could easily flog off some of their land, worth at least $5m an acre I would assume, if they need money, or they could build multi storey blocks of home units on part of the land, rent them out, and the rent itself would generate millions of dollars a year.

That is the economic rationalist solution.

I understand one wealthy school in Sydney is getting an extra $35m.

There would be many parents sending their kids to that school who could write a cheque for that much and regard it as petty cash if the school went to them cap in hand asked them.

I thought the age of entitlement was over?

The liberals and their supporters complain about the Labor Party creating class warfare. It's the Liberals who create the class warfare.

With this kind of policy have you wondered why the Liberals are behind in the polls?




Mark Lynch

Is your health at steak?

THE New England Journal of Medicine has just released a study showing that almost a third of the world's population is overweight or obese.

63% of Australians are overweight or obese, according to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Worldwide, over four million deaths per annum are attributable to additional bodyweight.

Animal-based foods are high in cholesterol and saturated fat.

According to the Victorian Government's Better Health Channel, vegans are less likely to suffer from many chronic diseases, including diabetes, coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Research shows that the average vegan is about 18% thinner than his or her meat-eating counterpart.

We can prevent deadly diseases just by exercising and eating healthy vegan foods rather than meat, eggs, and dairy products.

If you're concerned about your health-not to mention cruelty to animals and environmental destruction-please opt for tasty vegan foods.

Ashley Fruno, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

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