What was this thief thinking?

A MAN is wanted by Coffs Harbour police for committing one of the stupidest crimes seen on the coast in a long while.

For starters he broke into the empty site of a former local restaurant where he was lucky to get away with anything of worth.

Then to cap it all off he returned to the scene of the crime only to be identified by witnesses.

Police, who are now confident of making an arrest, have been left wondering about the logic of the man who kicked in the front glass door of the long-time closed Topolinos Bistro and Italian Restaurant off Bray Street on Thursday about 8pm.

Staff and customers at the Greenhouse Tavern’s BWS bottle shop witnessed the break-in and reported the incident telling officers they saw three males flee the scene in different directions.

However, the man who police plan to arrest was seen running with a cardboard box in his hands fleeing along the Coffs Harbour railway tracks.

Tracing his getaway route, police recovered computer game covers left scattered along the tracks.

It was later found the offender made away with a box containing a broken Play Station console and PS2 accessories and games.

In the height of stupidity the man is said to have returned to the bottle shop a short time later to purchase alcohol where he was recognised by staff.

Asked to produce identification to prove his age, the man obliged.

Store staff have since passed on his name and details to police who late yesterday were confident of making an arrest. The man is described as being about 25 years of age, with a goatee beard, wearing a black beanie, black pants and a black top with white writing emblazoned on the front.

Man charged over Coffs Harbour robbery

premium_icon Man charged over Coffs Harbour robbery

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premium_icon Victim of crime says west Coffs a 'daily danger'

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