We’re subsidising our own environmental disaster

SCIENTIFIC studies, world climate conventions, coral bleaching, islands under water, and extreme weather events … there is no end to the scientific or anecdotal confirmation of climate data, and yet we see no significant change in our fossil fuel dependence.

The status quo is corporate mining interests and millions of dollars in donations go to the two major political parties and we are indirectly subsidising our own environmental disaster.

The next three years are crucial to have sound governance in Australia’s energy policy, the Abbott/Turnbull governments score card currently reads:

  • A reduction of the Renewable Energy Target by 11,000 Giga watt-hours in 2015.
  • Policy indecision and direct attacks on the renewable energy industry resulting in an 88% decrease in investment.
  • A continuation of support for the fossil fuel industries of $7.7 billion in fuel tax credits and tax concessions.
  • The Clean Energy Innovation Fund, the Great Barrier Reef Fund and the Green Cities Fund is actually $3billion defunded from ARENA and dressed up as new funding – this is deceptive politics at it’s worst.

The Homegrown Power Plan is a non-political and scientifically based paper, which shows how Australia can transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030, and it will be cheaper compared to continuing with fossil fuels. http://www.solarcitizens.org.au/hpp

Let’s make the financially responsible choice, and stop helping polluters wreck the planet.

Geoff Tosio, Bellingen Solar Depot

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