We're going to need bigger buns

LOCAL director Pat Slattery is bringing one of her favourite pieces to the Jetty Theatre and auditions are on later this month.

"I've been meaning to do this play for ages but I've always chickened out,” Pat said.

The play is Calender Girls, and yes folks there will be nudity.

Based on the 2003 English film starring Helen Mirren and Julie Walters, Calender Girls tells the remarkable and inspiring story of the ladies of the Napley branch of the Women's Institute who have always done their part for charity.

This time the need is closer to home, so they've decided the best way to raise more money than ever before, is to go further than anyone could ever imagine. A semi-nude calender.

"Don't worry we're talking tasteful nudity, no full frontal or anything,” Pat said.

"There will be plenty of strategically placed fruit, veg, baked goods and oversized sunflowers hiding everyone's bits.

"I'm not going in it myself - there aren't watermelons that big.”

Pat is looking for nine women "of all shapes and sizes” and four men to be in this production which will run late March to early April, 2018.

"The women will be playing characters ranging in age from 30 to about 70 (we can always get out the make-up box to make some look older) and I'm looking for two men who can pass for being in their 50s and another two that could pass for 20 to about 40.”

"The parts are very fluid, so I encourage anyone with an interest to have a go and audition.”

Pat will be staying true to script by setting the play, as written, in England so you'll need to be able to do a passable English accent.

"This play works best as an English piece, it has that wonderful British humour that works so well on stage. Calender Girls has it all, a bit of pathos and plenty of moments to make you piss yourself laughing.


Saturday, September 30

Between noon and 4pm

Lighthouse Theatre at Jetty High School.

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