Preston Fisher from Crinkle Creek Garden Art with one of the cows which roughly goes for $450.
Preston Fisher from Crinkle Creek Garden Art with one of the cows which roughly goes for $450. Chris Ison ROK050817cswap3

Weird, wacky and wonderful discoveries at the Rocky Swap

PRESTON Fisher fell into small business by mistake and it's all to blame on a pig.

The man from around the Kingaroy area made himself a pig out of corrugated iron about seven years ago and it wasn't long until all of his mates were eyeing off his art work.

Before Preston knew it he was making corrugated iron dogs, cows, chickens and echidnas. Basically if you could find one on an Aussie farm or out in the bush, he would make a corrugated iron cousin to match.

In the last three years Preston and his wife have taken on their business, Crinkle Creek Garden Art, full time.

While Preston says it isn't going to make them a fortune any time soon, he knows it's better to do something you love so it doesn't feel so much like work.

Not trained in art or anything of the kind, the handyman was surprised when his creations gained popularity so quickly.

Soon he was travelling to different markets and swaps to sell his wares.

He even posts all around the country. Although he does admit trying to send a full sized corrugated iron horse in the mail does deliver it's challenges.

Preston's latest gig was at the 2017 Rockhampton Swap which saw him round up about 70 of his best creations to send off to good homes in the Central Queensland area.

Selling at the Rockhampton Swap for three years, Crinkle Creek did exceptionally well again with dogs the popular corrugated iron piece for 2017.

"It seems to be getting bigger and bigger for us each year, we are getting more new customers and seeing some return customers so it is great for us,” Preston said.

"The smaller pieces I'll spend three to four hours on, so like an echidna, but for a bull it would take me a good two days. So it does take a long time to get ready for an event.”

You can pick up a chicken from Crinkle Creek for around $30 or go to the other end of the scale and pick up a life size horse for $2000.

"You can't get much more Australian then a kangaroo or emu made out of corrugated iron,” Preston laughed.

"We only do Aussie stuff so everyone can relate to it.

"I love it and when you find something you love doing you stick with it, it's a lifestyle.”

While Preston was busy selling, Rocky local Peter Edman, was scouring the grounds to see what bargains he could get his hands on this year.

The keen swapper usually has a stall himself but this is the first year he hasn't had a stall or been with friends who have one.

"I have been going to the Rocky Swap for the best part of 10 years and this year for the first time I didn't have a stall so I went and had a wander around,” Peter said.

"I went looking for some wood carving tools which I found and also came out with a copper mixing bowl which I have always wanted.

"I love cooking and I've worked in hospitality and I have always wanted a copper bowl because it is the thing to use if you're whipping egg whites because the reaction with the copper apparently makes them stiffer and hold better.”

Peter said it was quieter this year than last year but said it was still a great swap to get along to.

"I think everything is going through a quiet time, it's a bit of an indicator of the economy but it is a great day out that needs to be kept alive every year.”

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