What's your bouquet or brickbat for this week? Share a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down with us
What's your bouquet or brickbat for this week? Share a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down with us

This week's bouquets and brickbats


  • To Greg who lives a couple of doors down in our Woolgoolga street who alerted us to a minor fire in our garage. It was lucky we had the door up and a small amount of smoke that was visible was noticed by you folks. The old clothes dryer we had running for just a short time started to smoke and I don't think it was far away from flames. Thankyou Greg. You would be happy to know we have since thrown the old machine out. Thanks for shouting out to us as we were aware of the situation until you called out. It was a definite fire hazard and it goes to show how important it is to have old electrical appliances tested.


  •   To the young man, who came to my rescue last Saturday night retrieving my car keys, which I'd dropped through a grate into the drain. Your actions were very much appreciated and quite unexpected. You saved our Saturday night from being spoilt.


  •  I was a visitor to Coffs Harbour this week travelling to be with my 91-year-old aunt, who had at a fall at her nursing home. My aunt was subsequently transferred to the Coffs Harbour Base Hospital where she sadly passed away on Wednesday. I would like to say thankyou to the doctors and nursing staff in the surgical ward, who were very caring and compassionate.


  •  To the Australia Post courier who went to the trouble to return to the post office and get our correct street address in order to deliver a registered letter rather than returning it to a government department. 


  •  It is wonderful to know that there are honest people in our society.


  • Thumbs Up to the person, who handed in my garnet and diamond ring at the ice rink at the Big Banana last weekend. It is much appreciated and many thanks, particularly as the ring holds great sentimental value. Thank you so much.


  •  To Banana Coast Electrical. Dave and crew. Fast, efficient, friendly service. Thankyou.  I am new to the area and I had a problem with my car that needed urgent attention so I called NRMA road service and they came and recommended me to a local repairer in River St the next morning. I called Shane from the centre and he was so friendly and efficient the job was done in a flash and the service to me was outstanding I would highly recommend these guys to anybody. Well done guys appreciate your service. Thumbs Up from Jacqui.




  • To the man, who abused a staff member at the emergency department at the Coffs Harbour Base Hospital on Thursday, July 12. The nursing staff work very hard every day and don't need the abuse you gave her. Couldn't you have waited to go to your own doctor? The staff at the Coffs Harbour Base Hospital are very caring. They're always apologising if patients have to wait a long time and they can not do any more than that. Leave them alone.


  •  To the young bloke and his female passenger in the maroon ford falcon for throwing your drink container out of your car window onto the highway just before the Bunnings roundabout.


  • Shame on you. How about keeping the rubbish in your car and throwing it in a bin when you get to your destination. People like you should be forced to pick up all the rubbish along our highways.


  • To the dog owner around Taloumbi Rd who let's his/her dog out to do its business on the footpath and other people's yards. You do not deserve to own a dog if you cannot clean up after it.


  • To the lady who stole a doll and a jug from my garage sale at 28 Bardsley Crescent, Toormina. After paying a few dollars for some linen, you continued browsing and walked past me with your little girl swinging a $5 doll in her hand and yourself holding a $1 jug, then deliberately left without paying. You made your self a thief, and your daughter an unknowing accomplice, for $6. That $6 is a whole week's wages for someone in Cambodia. A few weeks ago a "gentleman" stole a set top box rendering the television I had with it useless. This type of blatant theft never ceases to amaze and disappoint me. Living in Australia, we do not have to steal. I work my butt off holding garage sales to raise money for people who really need it. I'm sore, and tired from a very physical 12 hour day... but love every minute of it, because they can't do it for themselves, and I know makes such a difference to their lives. Please don't come back to my garage sales. You almost make it not worth the effort.


  • All you tailgaters, driving too close to the car in front, does not change the road speed. Back off and exercise the three second rule, but to all you day dreamers at the lights, keep your eyes on the lights, they change fast.


  • To the (shopping centre) which again this year is not allowing its business tenants to have a half-day holiday on Coffs Cup Day. Every other small business in town celebrates this gazetted half day, but for some reason you have strict instructions in place if we close we get fined.  How about showing some community spirit our staff want to mingle with our friends, family and customers at the track with the rest of Coffs Harbour.


  • To the red p-plater at the wheel of a white Daihatsu Charade on Wednesday. I was walking on the pedestrian crossing going to Woolies; you were having so much fun with your friends that you almost ran me over. At the last minute, you used your brakes, (surprisingly you know where they are) to avoid killing me and kept going, giggling like a goose, leaving me, shocked with your stupidity, in the middle of the crossing. Don't know how you got your p-plates, but I suggest you buy yourself a brain and some driving lessons.


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