This week's bouquets and brickbats.
This week's bouquets and brickbats.

This week's bouquets and brickbats


* To the man who on (Saturday morning stopped to help our 13-year-old teenage boy when he fell off his bike on Park Beach Rd near the crossing after a close call with a car. He was lucky the helmet broke his fall and apart from some skin off on his legs he should be fine, cleared of any breaks. Thank you for reacting quickly and thanks for using your phone to call us.
As a parent it's reassuring to know there are caring people out there.

* To the young Coffs Harbour referee officiating at the York St soccer fields last Saturday.
Considering you had no other officials assisting you and you had separate parents singling abuse at you both at half time and after the game ended, your maturity was not unnoticed. North Coast Football needs more referees and your efforts and training allowed for a good game of football to be conducted.
On a weekend where the refs should have been shown more respect please don't be deterred. Well handled and stick with it young man.

* Thank you to all the people who helped the tiny pony injured on Bucca Rd on Tuesday morning.
Many thanks to David from Pacific Vetcare who arrived quickly and Tracy (equine vet nurse) who just knew what to do.
Thank you also to John and his mother who stopped with their trailer and blanket, the lady with the small child and the man who both directed traffic, Lance and his wife who offered their sling lift and also directed traffic and Dave from Woolgoolga Police Station who found and contacted the owner.
Thanks must also go to all who slowed and offered more help as they drove past.
It is uplifting to know that people will take time out of their busy lives to help an injured animal. Thank you all again.

* Thank you to the woman who left a card in the ladies' toilets at the harbourside markets on Sunday.
It's was only a small deed, but it meant the world to me.
 I would like to say a huge thanks to all the wonderful midwives and staff in the maternity unit at Coffs Base Hospital, especially Wendy and Kim.
Mothers on the Coffs Coast are lucky to have such a great service available to them.

* To the organisers of (last weekend's) BMX racing in Coffs Harbour.
As a visiting family to Sawtell we were taken back by the friendliness of local people from those who we stopped to ask directions from to the resort staff, event organisers and fans at the track.
Great work Coffs. Great vibe and great weather; we'll be back for our next holiday.


 To the ignorant man who racially abused my husband in the middle of the Coffs Harbour CBD from his car.
My husband was minding his own business in Vernon St when you slowly drove past yelling "Go back to your own country, you ching-chong China man".
This is his country; he was born here and we are Australians.

* To the louts who smashed windows at Orara High School over the weekend.
As for the parents of these kids, perhaps it's worth asking your kids where they were over the weekend?
 To the state of the road surface on Harbour Dr opposite the Coles supermarket.
I had a nasty fall while crossing the road last week and returned to the scene to find the road had been resurfaced, but the road's edge has not.
There is a good two-inch drop and this is a hazard to the community.

* To the rude staff at a major supermarket. Your hostile attitude towards me and my autistic child has been noted.

* To the smart alec driver at the Jetty roundabout last Thursday who almost hit my husband as he crossed the road.
When told to slow down you told us to **** off. You know who you are "sonny jim", there was nowhere to go anyway except to park your car.

* All motorists should adhere to reduced speed limits between Sapphire and Emerald Beach, not just cars.
 Trucks between gates should not pull out, at speed, in front of cars, knowing full well drivers will brake suddenly to avoid a collision.

* Why oh why don't people acknowledge a driver when he or she has stopped for them to use the crossing?
A smile or a wave of the hand would be lovely, especially as some pedestrians step out into the road without even bothering to look.

* Several years ago my wife and I enjoyed watching Carols by Candlelight on television.
Proceeds were raised for (a charity) and we donated a reasonable amount to help.
Several months later and regularly since then we both have been receiving junk mail asking for further donations.
I have called the organisation about their fund- raising techniques and I went to their Coffs Harbour office and their representative said that he would send them an email requesting that our names be removed from their lists.
Since then we have received more junk mail from them. Is it not a waste of time and expense to continually bombard their donators with unwanted mails?

* To the lady, who stole a doll and a jug from my garage sale in Bardsley Crescent, Toormina on Saturday.
After paying a few dollars to my assistant for some linen, you continued browsing and walked past me with your little girl swinging a $5 doll in her hand and yourself holding a $1 jug, then deliberately left without paying.
You made yourself a thief and your daughter an unknowing accomplice for $6.

* To one of the people who advertises firewood for sale, but never turns on their mobile to take their calls and will not respond to voice messages, or even bother to reply to a text to say whether they can supply.

* Last week older friends set off for a trip up north with their son and got as far as the Corindi range when the car vibrated so they pulled over.
They popped the bonnet and noticed smoke, so they called their trusty road service and was told it would be an hour.
A bit later they got a call back saying no one would be coming because it was an insurance job and to contact their insurer. The insurer said they could send a tow truck, but then they would lose their no claim bonus.
So they rang back their friendly roadside assistance service and said we have premium cover and there are no exclusions mentioned in it.
Then they were put on hold for 20 minutes listening to recorded messages of how great their service was.
Husband mentioned his blood pressure was rising and a heart attack might be on the cards, to which they offered to call an ambulance for him.
Eventually a repair guy turned up then had to go back and pick up a part so about three or four hours they were on the road again. And yes the roadside company's name is mud in this household.

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