Enjoy the waters of the Coffs Coast while targeting prized species.
Enjoy the waters of the Coffs Coast while targeting prized species. Jack Stillman

Weather warning postpones spearfishing competition

UPDATE: DUE to sever weather conditions predicted for this weekend, the annual Australian Bluewater Freediving Classic has been postponed.

Competitors will need to register on Friday, May 26 for the competition held on Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28.

Friday, March 24: THE time of year has come again for selective hunters in the ocean to gather for competition.

The Australian Bluewater Freediving Classic will be held on Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2 at Woolgoolga.

Spearfishers will take to the water to capture certain types of fish which will later be weighed and auctioned off with funds raised going towards Marine Rescue.

Registration will take place at Woolgoolga RSL on Friday, March 31 between 2pm and 4pm and divers need to be a member of either the AUF or USFA.

On the first day of competition, Saturday, April 1, divers can start and finish when they like within the southern and nothern limits.

Divers can start when they like on the Sunday as well but to qualify, need to have their fish at weigh in by 2pm at Woolgoolga Beach Reserve.

The public is invited to attend the auction and weigh-in and see what great fish were caught during the competition.

Competitors can launch at any designated launch site inside the competition area.

Entry is $70 and there is a five fish limit for the weigh in with a 25kg maximum weight limit for scoring.

Divers are able to keep their fish or donate them to be used by a local charity organisation.

There are great prizes up for offer including Drystore Australia dry bags, neptonics gear, penetrator ghost fins, HECS wetsuit, gear from Adreno and more.

Competition rules are no diving in sanctuary zones, no diving without a float and no under sized fish.

For more information visit the Australian Bluewater Freediving Classic Facebook page.

Fish targeted in the classic.

- All Amberjack species

- All Barracuda species

- Cobia

- Dolphinfish

- Kingfish

- All mackerel species except those regarded as bait eg. slimey and horsehead mackerel.

- All billfish species

- Jewfish

- Samsonfish

- Snapper

- All trevally species

- All tuna species

- Wahoo

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