Peter Wellington.
Peter Wellington. Michael Warrington

WE SAY: Pollies must earn our vote

IN THE November 25 State Election, Coast residents heading to the polling booths will do well to vote unashamedly parochially.

For too long, our region has been sadly side-tracked with other areas getting major infrastructure spending while the Coast languishes in the unfunded doldrums. Let's not forget the vote of one of our own - the Member for Nicklin-cum-Speaker Peter Wellington - was required for Labor to form government and now as we head to the next election, the region is still yet to get the long-sought rail-line duplication we demanded.

The current LNP State Members will lament their lack of time in government as an explanation as to why they, too, failed to deliver for the Sunshine Coast but it was their and their leader's performance while in power which lost the unlosable election three years ago. The fact is, the Coast is growing at a rapid pace. Our forward-thinking regional council is working on key projects such as the new airport runway and the Maroochydore CBD. Sods have been turned and houses sold in massive developments such as Caloundra South and Palmview.

One problem remains. The State Government has not invested enough money in the essential infrastructure needed to support this growth. And a failure to do so will see this community cut-off from the employment opportunities which lie to our south - severed by a dangerously gridlocked Bruce Hwy - where life-threatening, if not fatal, crashes have become a weekly occurrence.

The Coast needs fast rail to Brisbane. It needs light rail. It needs real investment in major arterial roads in anticipation of massive population growth the State Government has signed off on. Only parties and politicians who have the plan to deliver on this infrastructure should be rewarded with our votes.

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