Beacon Hill in the 1970s
Beacon Hill in the 1970s

Locals want area improved

LONG-TIME local Geoff Maunder is among those calling for action.

He supplied the photographs of Beacon Hill and the foreshores shelter, which in 1977 enjoyed a great view.

In a letter to the Advocate Mr Maunder wrote that he remembers the late Bob Bosler, a former town planner and member of the Pacific City Lions Club, kick-starting a program to beautify the foreshores area, which was a flat, treeless area between the railway and the beach.

"Notice the few dry sticks and grass on Beacon Hill and lack of vegetation and trees of any description on the Jetty Foreshore area. The jetty area was a flat sandy area, which gave a spectacular view of the Harbour from Jordan Esplanade and passengers on trains on the North Coast Rail Line.

"Older timers will relate that the waves could reach the rail line in huge seas. There certainly has been no erosion of the Jetty Beach, in fact the opposite is occurring.

"Beacon Hill used to be a must place to visit, day or night, whenever visitors arrived, to show off the 360 degree magnificent vista of Coffs Harbour. There were rarely less than two or three cars parked at the lookout, day or night.

"Beacon Hill needs clearing and planting with low-growing native vegetation to preserve the view and the dune scrub on the foreshores needs to be removed and landscaped with thoughtful consideration. A neutral group with community input is needed to devise a beautification plan that will enhance the area," Mr Maunder concluded.

Dion Dawes is another who has been hoping for change for some time.

"I wrote a letter a few years ago and was branded an environmental vandal for suggesting improvements to the Jetty precincts. Privately I was back slapped and told by many how great it was that I put pen to paper and put forward my thoughts. My own little poll concluded that the yays definitely outweighed the nays.

"I have read countless letters over the years with a similar note, only to be howled down in the ensuing days for such minor things as pruning or lopping some trees.

"I've always been taught that there are three sides to every argument and I see the Jetty Area as no different. On one side we have corporations/property developers who may want to develop the area into a mini Gold Coast. On the other we have the Enviro Nazis who don't want a weed pulled without a fight.

"In the middle I see the silent majority wanting nothing more than an unbelievably beautiful area improved."


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