We hope our next MP has the passion, drive of Paul Neville

EDITORIAL: Recently the Chronicle's ad services manager John Baker retired after 44 years with the company.

I have always been impressed not just by John, but by any person who manages to stick it out for decades with the same company.

MP for Hinkler Paul Neville.
MP for Hinkler Paul Neville. Michael Jones

Once I interviewed a man who had been in the same job for almost 60 years, and he told me that he genuinely loved what he did so he was never bored - and he still had plenty to learn, he reckoned.

In today's world, researchers claim that most people are likely to change careers at least seven times in their life.

Not just changing jobs, such as getting a promotion, but changing their entire field.

Judging by my circle of aquaintances, that is no surprise.

Many of my friends are heading back to university or taking on apprenticeships in search of a "new life".

For some, it's a chance for a more lucrative career, and for others it's a second chance at the dream job they may have been dissuaded from as a school leaver.

And for a handful, it's actually the third or fourth time they've switched, but they still haven't found the perfect path.

Member for Hinkler Paul Neville will on Wednesday celebrate 20 years in parliament.

Obviously he couldn't have done that without the support of his electorate, which re-elected him seven times, but it shows remarkable fortitude to tough it out in the political sphere for two full decades.

It is clear, whether you agree with his politics or not, that no one could do such a job for so long, without a deep and abiding passion for the job and the electorate.

He describes the job as his childhood dream, and that much is evident.

When Mr Neville steps down at the next federal election, we can only hope that the person to fill his shoes has the same kind of drive and passion for the region that could see them last just as long.

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