We can't see the view for the trees

BOB Griffin wants to see the Sealy Lookout rescued from smotheration by vegetation.

The Coffs Harbour resident and keen photographer recently visited Coffs Harbour's famous scenic lookout for the first time in 10 years and was shocked by the changes he found and by how much of the view was obscured.

“The tourists have come off second best - the trees are allowed to grow,” Mr Griffin said.

“Soon there will only be glimpses of what was once a glorious and breathtaking view.”

His 1970s photographs show a series of panoramic views over Coffs Harbour.

“How did the Forestry Department manage before when the view was previously there for all to see?” Mr Griffin asked.

“The question is do we forget about the view and let the Forestry Department win or do we think of what the lookout means for the locals and tourists?

“We are always being told that we need tourists.”

Sealy Lookout is part of the Bruxner Park Flora Reserve.

NSW Forests spokesman Howard Spencer said Forests NSW did do maintenance at the lookout from time to time and this would be reviewed as necessary.

He said as it was part of a reserve so there was some sensitivity about what was done there, although exotic species were able to be handled in a different way.

Mr Griffin said it was also a shame for Rotarians to see the undoing of all their good work at the Lookout, with the octagonal building in the parking area needing painting and everything looking neglected.

He said two years ago the Advocate had posed a question about whether a restaurant should be built at the lookout and he had considered it a good idea.

But this month, having been driven up the steep, narrow and winding road by a friend who was scared by the experience, he was inclined to say 'no' unless the road could be vastly improved.

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