GRABBING a mud crab with his bare hands has gained Tannum Sands man Chris Faux worldwide attention.

While fishing for crabs for the Tannum Crab Classic, Chris Faux was quick to save a catch that fell from his crab pot.

Even though it meant diving in the water and using his bare hands.

And, of course, it was all caught on camera by friend, and boat driver, Jamie Emmerson.

Chris, known by his mates as 'Foey', spotted the buck in shallow water, still with the bait in his mouth.

The video was shared to his Facebook page three weeks ago and has had almost 6000 views since.

Chris messaged the video to ViralvideosUK and the site was keen to share this Aussie bloke's moment.

"I've done it before up in the Northern Territory.

"Over there you can walk in the mangroves and you use rod sticks to grab them."

"As soon as I grabbed him he let go of the bait and had a go at me.

"You've got to be quick."

It's not the first time a video of his has gained attention.

A video of Chris kicking a man in his genitals at Las Vegas also proved popular on social media.

"It was daytime down the Vegas strip and he must have wanted the money pretty bad - I paid him $20 to do it."

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