Watch group sounds warning on NPWS future

WILD PLACES: Park Watch says the group has a duty to protect the future of the state's national parks.
WILD PLACES: Park Watch says the group has a duty to protect the future of the state's national parks. Rob Cleary/Seen Australia

OVER the summer holiday season tens of thousands of visitors and locals will enjoy the natural magic of national parks caressing the Coffs Coast.

However, a group of former National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) officers are sounding the alarm bells on future management plans for these natural wild places.

Park Watch has a primary goal to ensure the government of the day properly resources and manages the unique protected areas in NSW.

The group's spokesman on national parks operations, Ross McKinney, says the diversity and beauty of the remaining natural wild places must continue to be protected and well managed.

"The NSW Government have set in train a series of restructures of the NPWS that will ensure the management failure of the state's peak protected area management agency,” he said.

He says the NPWS is being dismantled by "restructure after restructure” and is critical of Deputy Premier John Barilaro's support for Timber NSW to log national parks under the Beyond Tenure land management proposal.

"This not only pushes environmental management practices in NSW back many decades, it is devastating to the hard working and dedicated NPWS employees and their families.

"It reflects the poor record on native vegetation clearing compliance and placing commercialism and short term profit over conserving the state's remaining natural heritage.”

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