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Wanted: counsellors

LIFELINE (North Coast) is looking for volunteers to undertake a three-month course to qualify as volunteer telephone counsellors.

The essential service is provided by a well-established organisation in Coffs Harbour region and operated by a band of dedicated volunteers - and you could become one.

Spokesperson Lyn Anderson said the course was open to anyone with a desire to help others in the community.

“It is marvellous to be part of a community service that is available to anyone who is troubled and needs to talk,” Lyn said.

The Coffs Harbour Lifeline began in 1986. Today, it is called Lifeline North Coast and includes a branch in Grafton.

“We have a great team of telephone counsellors on the Coffs Harbour roster, but we need more. We could easily accommodate another 30 to fill our shifts and this is why training courses are run on a regular basis,” Lyn said.

“It is an extremely rewarding role and a great feeling to know you are genuinely helping others.

“All our volunteers are wonderful people who come from all walks of life.”

The course covers a comprehensive range of counselling skills which can improve relationships and people come away with an enhanced sense of self-awareness.

Applicants do not need any previous experience but they must be prepared to commit to the training and the service.

The course will require a commitment of three to four hours a week for three months.

Anyone interested in becoming a telephone counsellor, or wanting more information, can phone 6651 4093.

Lifeline's 13 11 14 service is ready to take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Every month almost 500 people in the region put in voluntary hours to improve the natural environment. Activities can involve removing weeds and rubbish, planting locally native species, raising awareness and undertaking training, and stabilising dunes and riverbanks.

For more information or to become involved phone the Landcare office on 66511308 or email

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