FINDING THE BEST: Jenna Ferreira is the best PT on the Coffs Coast according to our readers.
FINDING THE BEST: Jenna Ferreira is the best PT on the Coffs Coast according to our readers. Trevor Veale

REVEALED: The Coffs Coast's best PT as voted by our readers

UPDATE: Being up with the times is crucial when you work in an ever-evolving field like personal training.

So it's no wonder our premium online readers have voted Jenna Ferreira as the number one PT on the Coffs Coast.

Jenna realises her job can help change lives in areas beyond looks.

"Seeing changes mentally and physically in each client is so rewarding," Jenna said.

"I'm able to build great connections with all of my clients from all over Australia with my online Nutritional Coaching and Training app.

"I coach each client through nourishing their bodies with amazing whole foods and allowing them to feel the benefits of tailored training programs they enjoy.

"The combination of physical exercise and nutritional coaching is a game-changer for self-confidence and seeing this happen for my clients is incredible''.

Jenna has worked in the PT industry for more than eight years and over 13 years in the fitness industry, including spending time as a trainer at a mine site in Western Australia.

So what keeps Jenna just as passionate today as she was when she first started?

"The way exercise and nutritious foods makes me feel. That doesn't mean I have to go to the gym every day or miss out on social events.

"I live a balanced lifestyle. I believe in fueling our bodies with a variety of foods that makes us feel amazing.

"I want my clients to enjoy a balanced lifestyle too. I want them to enjoy coming to training with me at each session.

"I want them to exercise because they want to and they love it, not because they have to."

Jenna said she's looking forward to where her business takes her in the future.

"There are some exciting changes on the horizon for JFHF both online and workshops that involve going overseas," Jenna said.

For more information look up Jenna Ferreira Health and Fitness on Facebook. 

EARLIER: With plenty of health and fitness options across the Coffs Coast, we thought we should try and find the local guru in the industry. 

We put the call out on our Facebook page for people to nominate their favourite personal trainer and we were inundated with responses.

With so many top PT's in the region, it was tough to narrow the field down to the top 20.

Now that we have our top 20, it's up to you to decide who is the number one personal trainer in the region.

Voting will close at midnight on Friday. 

Vote in our poll below to decide: 

Who is the best personal trainer on the Coffs Coast?

This poll ended on 10 August 2019.

Current Results

Andrew Heelis - Complete Health and Fitness, Coffs Harbour


Amanda Bellette - Coffs Coast Health Club, Toormina


Court Waters - Coffs Coast Health Club, Moonee


Jenna Ferreira - Jenna Ferreira Health and Fitness, Coffs Harbour


Angela Farrell - Beachbodies Health Club, Coffs Harbour


Laura Unwin - Where The Boys Aren't, Woolgoolga


Tracy Young - Village Fitness, Coffs Harbour


Aiden Molloy - Genesis Fitness, Coffs Harbour


Jordan Lark - Evolutionary Health, Coffs Harbour


Jen McCulloch - Coffs Coast Health Club, Moonee


Jake Why - JakeFIT, Coffs Harbour


Gabi Moulden - MyGym Women's Fitness, Coffs Harbour


Jack Davey - Fenrir Strength, Coffs Harbour


Brooke Wicks - BodyByBrooke, Coffs Harbour


Jessica Greacen - Workout Wagon, Coffs Harbour


Matty Bennett - Bennett Personal Training, Coffs Harbour


Glen Barnett - Beyond Intensity Personal Training and Wellness, Coffs Harbour


Simone Saunders - Coffs Coast Health Club, Toormina


Melanie Silvester - Maximum Potential Fitness, Coffs Harbour


Sarah Brandstater - Sarah B PT, Coffs Harbour


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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