HUGE RANGE: A section of the expansive VMR warehouse.
HUGE RANGE: A section of the expansive VMR warehouse. Jonathan Wood

VMR for quality used Volvo, Mack and UD parts

If you own a Volvo, Mack, or UD and you are looking for a genuine alternative to a brand new part, you're in luck.

Wholly owned by Volvo Group, VMR offers reconditioned and factory-seconds parts for old and new vehicles falling under the Volvo Group Australia (VGA) banner.

VMR was established in 1996 and since then has continued to expand, now offering one of Australia's best selection of genuine used truck parts.

"Here at VMR we rebuild and offer exchange parts to our customers through our dealer network," said VMR Production Manager Steve Iverson.

Steve says a big benefit of VMR is the flexibility offered for customers who don't necessarily need a brand new part.

"It's a good option for customers who might be looking for a second-hand or exchange option for whatever reason."

"Any factory parts produced in our production plant that do not match the high quality of the vehicles manufactured, come to VMR for utilisation to reduce waste.

As part of Volvo Group's commitment to the environment, VMR take care to ensure they recycle as much as possible - recycling both parts and scrap metal.

"Our parts are graded based on different classes, so for example a part that's been reconditioned but is not brand new is A-Class, and a B-Class part has been reconditioned but might have a scratch or a dint, and is not to the visual standard of an A-Class part."

"The advantage of VMR over a traditional used-part seller is that all our parts come with the Volvo Group genuine difference. We offer a range of warranties - 12 months on exchange parts, 6 months on A-Class and 3 months on B-Class parts. In addition, we have the largest support network in Australia and you can trust that all our parts have been manufactured to the high Volvo Group standard."

The team at VMR also buy old vehicles to strip down and gather parts and components from, before recycling what's left over.

"We get a lot of parts from vehicles that we buy and strip down, as well as from the factory.

"We strip down vehicles into their individual components by category...they are then graded depending on their appearance and quality.

"Weekly we will purchase any appropriate factory seconds from the production plant, which are also then graded to on-sell to customers through our dealer network."

Best sellers for VMR are generally big ticket items like engines and gearboxes, which have been rebuilt from the ground up by the team and tested extensively.

The transmissions built by VMR are thoroughly tested on their high-tech transmission dyno on-site and are put through their paces to ensure they perform as good as new.

All gearboxes get fully tested on the high-tech transmission dyno.
All gearboxes get fully tested on the high-tech transmission dyno. Jonathan Wood

"Every transmission we have built, we run up to operating temperature, and we run for about half an hour, selecting every gear and testing for oil leaks, air leaks and generally making sure the transmission is operating as per specifications.

"When we receive a component, we'll either strip it down and rebuild it, or we'll break it down into its parts and put them on the shelves.

"We strip the vehicles here and it takes about two weeks from beginning to end - we strip the truck down, put the parts through the grading system and keep what we want, before everything else goes into recycled scrap metal. Any parts which have made the grade then go onto the shelf and into our parts stock."

If you've got an older Volvo, Mack or UD, and you're not sure if VMR will be able to help, they actually offer parts for older makes as well.

"While we do offer a lot of new vehicle parts from the latest models, we've also got parts from vehicles that are 20 to 30 years old."

The team do a lot of cab work, and they're able to make small alterations, right through to fully grooming a shell.

"If a dealer buys a cab out of our Minto warehouse, and they want it fully groomed, we actually can fully groom them onsite as well."

Steve says the biggest priority for VMR is providing options for valued customers through high-quality refurbished and second hand parts, as well as encouraging eco-friendly recycling.

"Our main goal is to give the customers options - we have customers who want to rebuild or restore their old vehicles, and also customers who may have a newer model but are looking for more profitable option."

If you have any queries about VMR's services or are looking for a particular part, please contact your local Volvo, Mack or UD dealer.

VMR rebuilds a large range of components.
VMR rebuilds a large range of components. Jonathan Wood
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