Vets warn of deadly parvovirus

THE RSPCA is warning Coffs Coast dog owners to keep an eye on their pets as a deadly virus runs rampant throughout the State.

Despite the hot, humid weather of summer now officially over, RSPCA hospitals across the State are seeing increasing numbers of the potentially fatal parvovirus, especially in young, unvaccinated puppies.

“Parvovirus is a viral infection that causes vomiting and profuse bloody diarrhoea leading to dehydration,” RSPCA NSW chief veterinarian Dr Magdoline Awad said.

“Dogs that show these signs must be taken immediately to a veterinarian. If excessive fluid loss occurs then severe shock and death can result.”

She said the dogs that are at greater risk of contracting parvovirus are young puppies and unvaccinated dogs.

Highly contagious, the virus can survive up to a year in the environment and favours hot, humid conditions.

“We often see outbreaks of parvovirus occurring after these weather patterns. At our RSPCA hospitals we are currently seeing an influx of dogs with parvovirus.”

The best way to protect your puppy from this deadly disease is through vaccination. The RSPCA recommends that puppies stay away from public outdoor areas until the entire series of puppy vaccinations is complete.

“We urge that anyone with an unvaccinated dog of any age visit their veterinarian asap.”

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