Valla's naked ambitions

A NUDE beach at Valla was one of the more unusual items debated by Nambucca Shire councillors at their meeting on Thursday night.

Cr Mike Moran disagreed with the proposed site, which is 100 metres south of where Deep Creek empties into the ocean at Valla Beach.

“I don't go along with where they want it - Mr Whippy could sell ice-cream there all day,” Cr Moran said.

Councillor Elaine South said she was concerned the site was so close to Valla Beach Resort. “I've got grandchildren and I wouldn't want them coming across unclothed people,” Cr South said.

'I'd like to see these people (Nambucca Valley Nudist Group) consider somewhere else less in the public eye.”

She said the Valla Beach Resort should be among those consulted about the proposal.

General manager, Michael Coulter, recommended the Valla Beach Urban and Hall Management Committee and the NSW Police Force be asked for comments.

“The council should seek the views of the NSW Police Force ... in particular the relationship, if any, between declared nudist beaches and crime,” he wrote.

In their submission the NVNG included information about the benefits of having 'designated clothes optional areas', including that a designated area encouraged more users thus ensuring a safer environment for users.

Under the heading 'Perceived problems - inappropriate behaviour' it was noted that 'police in other areas have indicated they have more such trouble at clothed beaches'.

The council voted in favour of consulting with the suggested interest groups. No final decision has been made about the beach.

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