State of Siege screening at Valla

COFFS Coast residents are being urged to stand up to over-development and will on Monday night be given plenty of ammunition to fire their enthusiasm.

That’s when the documentary State of Seige will air at the Valla Beach pre-school.

Produced by Dennis Grosvenor, the film explores the dealings between local, state and federal governments and property developers and the need for communities to pull together and stand up for their rights

Valla local Kaz Selbie said the documentary reminded everyone to not become apathetic when it came to our environment, our neighbourhoods, our health and our children.

“The Government boasts of Australia’s democratic policy, practice and justice for all but too many times their actions don’t show this,” Ms Selbie said.

“It’s happening all over Australia. Generations of farming families who own, rent and maintain land, grow our food and meat are being bombarded by the gas and mining companies drilling and polluting their land and water.

“The Government has given these multi-conglomerate companies permission to destroy the land because it contains lots of precious resources worth mega money.

“They are ignoring what the owners say, as they are in too many communities.”

Ms Selbie said the documentary should resonate with the Valla community because of its own battle a few years ago to stop plans for three-storey duplexes and a shopping centre being approved by the Nambucca Shire Council.

“There was outrage and everyone voted ‘no way’,” she said.

“Surprisingly we haven’t heard much about it since but I happen to know the developers still own that land along Valla Beach Road and possibly many other streets here.

“They haven’t forgotten about it at all, they are just waiting for the right time to tackle the contentious topic again.

“I have been reminded the issue continues to bubble away, getting hotter by the minute, soon to explode into our reality.

“I feel the movie State of Siege will awaken, inspire and encourage us to be aware, stay strong and protect vigilantly what is ours.”

State of Seige screens at the Valla Community pre-school at 7pm on Monday. Admission costs $5.

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