Nambour Cutters’ Tim Close snared five wickets for the first time after a marathon 39 overs for 67 against Caloundra. Picture: Troy Jegers
Nambour Cutters’ Tim Close snared five wickets for the first time after a marathon 39 overs for 67 against Caloundra. Picture: Troy Jegers

Valiant innings prove tough to crack

Dreams of outright wins evaporated like the last traces of moisture in parched outfields as determined batsmen dug in to frustrate bowlers and close Round 16 of SCCA Division 1 fixtures.

At Caboolture, a captain’s knock of 96 from Matt Schubert combined with an equally long 20 from Connor Corlet to keep Maroochydore in the field at stumps, with the Snake’ 5/169 testament to greater resolve than the first innings capitulation at 52.

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Holding an overnight lead of 108, Swans’ skipper Blaine Schloss continued at the crease with Zak Willox to lift their partnership to 182 before being denied centuries, six balls apart, with 93 and 81 respectively.

Maroochydore’s Zak Willox and Blaine Schloss. Picture: Matty Holdsworth
Maroochydore’s Zak Willox and Blaine Schloss. Picture: Matty Holdsworth

The declaration came five overs later, at 4/270 a lead of 218, but more realistically 71 overs for the Snakes to avoid outright loss.

Occupation of the crease was the prime concern, as Clayton Simpson, dismissed for two runs, stretched his tenancy to the eighth over.

When son Carter was run out on five, the 22nd over was nearly finished at 2/28 when Schubert joined the fray.

Corlet entered at 3/37, in a pairing to defy the Swans for nearly 40 overs, unbeaten at

5/169 while Schubert completed his apprenticeship as captain.

Nambour was denied victory by an equally defiant Caloundra, who lasted 111 overs and countless fingernails to walk off at 9/211.

Chasing the Cutters’ 244, the Lighthouses had resumed at 2/14, and it became obvious that the batsmen would have to be dragged from the crease.

Progress was glacial, with innings of 19 each from Brendan Kelly and Josh Peters occupying 219 deliveries, though with wickets falling, the Cutters held all the cards when Tyron DeKauwe took centre at 7/102 in the 78th over.

Caloundra’s Tyron DeKauwe hit 70 against Nambour. Picture: Patrick Woods
Caloundra’s Tyron DeKauwe hit 70 against Nambour. Picture: Patrick Woods

Aided by Sam Dowd then Rhyan Sanderson, his 17th innings for the Lighthouses became far and away the most productive, with eight fours and two sixes in 70 runs as the Caloundra trudge became a comparative stampede.

DeKauwe’s departure at 9/199 left nine balls to be negotiated, the first three from Tim Close, now with five wickets for the first time after a marathon 39 overs for 67, and a tense final six from Steve Ledger as the visitors toughed out the draw at 9/201.

Coolum defied the Glasshouse outright scenario, chasing 195 to turn a worrying 2/0 from day one, into a response of 156 from 60 overs.

Steve Heise added the first two wickets of the day to his collection, which was to close at 5/58, aided by 4/36 from Heath Fisher, but the Sharks’ batsmen, led by Dean Kenny’s 49, persisted for long enough to force the visitors to bat the afternoon out to be 7/172 at stumps. Tom Mackee grabbed a Christmas bonus of 4/9 from five overs at the end.

Captain Lewis Waugh, 60, and Steve Brady, 49, took the sting out of Tewantin-Noosa’s bid for early wickets as the Gold resumed at 1/11 at Read Park.

Scott Aufderheide returned to his two-day plundering with 5/53, but the visitors’ 183 was enough to deter the Thunder from enforcing the follow-on, settling for a quick 9/153 by

stumps as the new leaders on the premiership table.

Unofficial points after Round 16: Tewantin-Noosa 79.96, Glasshouse 77.99, Maroochydore

72.52, Caboolture 71.67, Gympie 41.84, Coolum 32.82, Caloundra 31.29, Nambour 27.11.

SCCA DIVISION 1 RD 16 2D2 DAY 2 05-12-2020




MAROOCHYDORE 1 ST INNINGS (resuming 2/160)

Stitt C. run out 34

Gunson S. b Connew 11

Willox Z. b Millyard 93

Schloss B. ct & b Connew 81

Jones S. not out 13

McInnes L. not out 35

Sundries: 9

Total: 4 / 270 (dec)

FOW: 40, 42, 224, 226.

Bowling: Flew 14-1-49-0, Corlet 14-3-45-0, Connew 21-6-64-2,

Bell 4-0-18-0, Lee 11-3-27-0, Eyles 5-1-22-0,

McManus 2-0-9-0, Millyard 4-0-34-1. Overs: 75.


Martin Z. ct McInnes b Gilder 21

Simpson Clayton. ct Watson b McInnes 2

Simpson Carter. run out 5

Schubert M. lbw b McInnes 96

Corlet C. not out 20

Millyard T. ct Anderson b McInnes 2

Flew J. not out 2

Sundries: 21

Total: 5/169

FOW: 20, 28, 37, 163

Bowling: Stitt 12-5-16-0, Jackson 13-6-26-0, Gilder 21-10-26-3,

McInnes 21-10-26-3, Anderson 2.1-1-1-0, Schloss 7.5-2-39-0,

Willox 3-0-15-0, Gunson 1-1-0-0. Overs: 71.




COOLUM 1 ST INNINGS (resuming 2/3)

Hynes T. lbw b Heise 0

Lam J. ct Fleiter b Heise 5

Brooks S. b Heise 0

Churchill H. ct Sawyer b Fischer 38

Mackee T. ct Moffett b Heise 7

Goodwin A. ct Fleiter b J.Taylor 28

Scheepers T. ct Moffett b Fischer 0

Kenny D. ct Heise b Fischer 49

Nenadic M. ct T. Taylor b Heise 17

McLean J. ct Owen b Fischer 7

Dale-Westbrook J. not out 0

Sundries: 5

Total: 156

FOW: 0, 0, 9, 17, 51, 51, 100, 137, 153,156.

Bowling: Heise 23.5-5-58-5, Taylor J. 11-4-18-1, Owen4-1-18-0,

Procopis 4-2-4-0, Fischer 10-1-36-4, Schultz 5-2-14-0,

Moffett 3-1-3-0. Overs: 60.3.


Cahill D. ct Scheepers b Lam 44

Taylor T. ct Goodwin b Brooks 3

Schultz J. ct Churchill b Nenadic 42

Moffett l. b Mackee 49

Sawyer R. ct Dale-Westbrook b Mackee 20

Procopis A. ct Goodwin b Mackee 1

Owen J. not out 13

Fleiter B. ct Churchill b Mackee 0

Taylor J. not out 0

Sundries: 1

Total: 7/172

FOW: 6, 78, 95, 154, 154, 162, 162.

Bowling: Scheepers 5-0-17-0, Brooks 4-0-26-0, McLean 6-0-40-0,

Lam 4-0-30-1, Nenadic 6-0-33-1, Warde 3-0-17-0, Mackee 5-2-9-4.

Overs: 33.




CALOUNDRA 1st INNINGS (resuming at 2/14)

Wright W. ct O’Shea b Kross 0

Cain T. ct O’Shea b Close 10

Kelly B. ct Douglas b Close 19

Peters J. ct Douglas b Kross 19

Muir A. run out 3

Gordon J. st Trace b Close 36

Cottrell I. lbw b Close 1

Dowd S. lbw b Jankowiak 16

De Kauwe T. lbw b Close 70

Sanderson R. not out 7

Glew I. not out 1

Sundries: 19

Total: 9/201

FOW: 2, 13, 41, 49, 62, 79, 102, 167,199.

Bowling: Kross 19-10-25-2, Winn 2-1-2-0, Close 39-16-67-5,

Coughlan 14-7-22-0, Perren 7-1-13-0, O’Connor 17-7-30-0,

Janlowiak 10-3-19-1, Ledger 3-0-7-0. Overs: 111.




GYMPIE 1 ST INNINGS (resuming at 1/11)

Waugh L. ct Dennien b Freshwater 60

Ashton T. ct Dennien b Aufderheide 0

Brady S. ct Stewart b Officer 49

Vidler J. b Aufderheide 16

Cartwright L. ct Pyne b Freshwater 8

Mitchell B. ct Pyne b Stewart 9

White J. ct Pyne b Aufderheide 1

Cave A. ct Freshwater b Aufderheide 7

Morrison C. ct Pyne b Aufderheide 27

Hughes J. b Stewart 0

Cochrane K. 0

Sundries: 6

Total: 183

FOW:1, 90, 115, 131, 135, 145, 145, 152, 163, 183.

Bowling: Aufderheide 23.1-8-53-5, Freshwater 16-0-78-2,

Officer 7-2-20-1, Stewart 10-4-26-2, Lea 2-2-0-0. Overs: 58.1.


Dennien J. b Cave 23

Bennett A. ct Waugh b Cave 1

Baker S. ct Ashton b Mitchell 5

Kratzmann A. ct Cave b Mitchell 1

Officer J. ct Brady b Cochrane 31

Wright C. ct Cartwright b Vidler 47

Stewart T. st Brady b Waugh 0

Pyne C. st Brady b Waugh 18

Freshwater T. ct Waugh b Vidler 16

Aufderheide S. not out 2

Sundries: 6

Total: 9/153

FOW: 7, 20, 30, 38, 72, 133, 133, 141, 151.

Bowling: Mitchell 7-0-32-2, Cave 7-3-33-2,

Ashton 3-1-16-0, Cochrane 5-1-11-1, White 3-0-34-0,

Waugh 2-1-8-2, Vidler 4-1-14-2, Morrison 1-0-2-0. Overs: 32


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