NSW residents face a tripling of gas prices, unions warn

UNIONS say Premier Mike Baird's rejection of a gas reservation scheme has doomed NSW residents to paying tripled gas prices.

The NSW Government this week rejected a parliamentary inquiry's recommendation to pursue a nationwide program to save a certain amount of gas produced in Australia for domestic use.

Australian Workers' Union national secretary and Reserve Our Gas spokesman Scott McDine said manufacturing jobs would be severely harmed without a reservation policy.

"The Baird Government has serious sway on the national stage," he said.

"If NSW was to throw its weight behind the growing push for a national gas reservation scheme, it may well be enough to get action from Canberra."

The state currently imports 95% of its gas, and prices are predicted to triple as exports to Asia ramp up.

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Four export facilities worth $75 billion are under construction on Queensland's coast.

"We need NSW behind this to get a national gas reservation policy off the ground," Mr McDine said.

"Every other gas-exporting nation in the world has protections in place for jobs and households. Why should Australia be the exception?"

In its response to the inquiry's recommendation, the government said it would be unable to compel other states to supply NSW with gas produced within their borders when more lucrative export options were available.


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