Dr Roman Hasil
Dr Roman Hasil Sydney Morning Herald

Rogue doctor strikes again

DISGRACED former Lismore Base Hospital obstetrician Roman Hasil has recently attempted to start doing surgery at a Sydney hospital, the medical tribunal has heard.

Hasil, who was declared unfit to practise by the NSW Medical Tribunal in February due to a serious head injury he sustained when drunk, reportedly contacted Sydney's Ashfield Private Hospital seeking theatre time.

This was revealed yesterday in a NSW Medical Tribunal hearing which Hasil was due to appear at but failed to attend.

"We have had some information from the Health Care Complaints Commission as to him contacting a hospital seeking theatre time," counsel for the commission Sarah McNaughton SC said.

In his four-year tenure at Lismore Base Hospital 57-year-old Hasil was the subject of at least 15 serious complaints.

Complaints against Hasil included that he failed to take sufficient notes in relation a number of births, including cesarean procedures and he physically and verbally abused several patients during surgery.

The complaints from patients of Lismore Base Hospital followed findings of serious malpractice by a top-level inquiry in New Zealand, which found Hasil had botched a number of sterilisation procedures while drunk on duty.

A former patient of Hasil who he allegedly abused in 2002, Casino woman Connie Scholl, called on the Australian Medical Authority to strike-off Hasil so he could not prey on other people.

She said she was not surprised to hear he was still trying to practise.

"I don't think they will ever stop him trying to practise," she said.

"I only said to my mum today I will come face to face with Hasil again and it will be at a hospital."

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