Undies go bananas

LOCAL banana growers are well accustomed to getting hot and sweaty, but has one of them ever looked this hot?

Unfortunately this is not the launch of a contest to find our sexiest grower but an advert for a world-first range of underwear made out of banana fibre.

Leading Australian manufacturer aussieBum has gone bananas for banana fibre and recently flew a production crew to Coffs Harbour to get images for an international TV, online and print campaign.

The plantation at the Big Banana provided the backdrop, and a professional model supplied the necessary manpower to sell undies sourced from a fruit often referred to as Mother Nature’s perfect prepackaged meal.

Banana fibre, according to aussieBum, has a natural lustre, is soft and comfortable, is lightweight and has great absorption properties.

All are handy attributes when you’re cutting bananas in your tightie whities.

Whether the banana briefs also endow local growers with a six pack, pecs, guns and a hairless torso remains to be seen.

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