Unconditional love

FEEL like some cat loving?

Longing for a smooch from head to tail along your leg?

Whether you are after a cuddle or a game with a piece of string, you will find it at Gio-Cat in Seoul.

Nestled down an alleyway in the Hongdae district, near Hongik University (exit 1, Hongik Uni, green line), there seems to be every variety of feline.

You just have to pay 8000W (about $8) for a hot chocolate, tea or coffee and you can enjoy some cuddles or games.

It wasn't as dirty as I expected and the kitties were terribly cute.

There are even cat menus with photos so you can learn the names and breeds of each bit of fluff.

You can use the cat vending machine to win over your favourite with kitty treats.

But you might want to arrive early in the day if you want to ensure they haven't given all their love to those who've gone before.

If you prefer some canine loving, then don't despair, Bau Haus dog cafe is just up the road.

Here you can also order drinks and lure pooches with dog treats.

Be prepared for plenty of sniffing and licking.

While the place is a bit on the nose, you easily forget while hanging out with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Another must in the Hongdae area is the Hello Kitty cafe.

While my friend has issues with the fact this fictional character has no mouth, it is a divine stop off for lovers of the pint-sized fictional feline and the colour pink.

Select a waffle and a hot drink – complete with Hello Kitty-shaped chocolate sprinkles in the froth.

Another Seoul delight is Lotte World (Jamsil station, green line, exit 12), which is a department store and adventure park.

But what has become a star attraction among the younger crowd, and might come to Sydney soon if negotiations go well, is the Ballerina Who Loves B-boy show.

Engaging. Vibrant. Energetic. Athletic.

It's a modern love story about a ballerina who falls for a b-boy.

That's an acrobatic hip-hop dancer, formerly known as a breakdancer, if you're a bit out of the modern dance loop.

As I sat astounded by the tricks, wiggles, strength and smooth moves of the b-boys and b-girls, I watched the ballerina marry the two dance disciplines.

She eventually impresses his reluctant mates, not unlike the movie Save the Last Dance.

It is well worth the 50,000W ($50)!

Other musts in Hong Kong:

Kyongbok Palace

Cheongdok Palace



Dondaemun market

Numdaemun market

Food musts:

Galbi – meat grilled on barbecue coals set in your table and wrapped in lettuce leaves with delicious sauce.

Kimbap – Korean sushi

Bibimbap – vegetables and rice in a hot pot

Bulgogi-tulsot-bap – meat, egg, rice in a hot stone bowl with delicious sauce.

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