Two struck by car at wild party

TWO youths were struck by a car at a teenage party at Boambee, which spilled onto the street and escalated into a brawl.

The incident in Kingfisher Cl led to an act of retaliation against the driver, which is also being investigated by police.

It appears the two partygoers hit by the car sustained only minor injuries.

Police said the drama unfolded after a group of youths was turned away from the party, which was attended by up to 100 youths on Friday around 10.20pm.

It’s believed party guests became involved in an altercation with members of the group.

As the uninvited youths went to leave, it is alleged someone threw a beer bottle at their vehicle.

Police were told by witnesses the driver allegedly swerved across the footpath towards the youths.

Concerned Kingfisher Cl residents said they heard yelling in the street and went to investigate.

“I was told one boy had his foot run over by the car, while the other was struck to the knee. They were lucky not to have been more seriously injured,” one concerned resident said.

“I heard the car speeding off, it sounded like it was being driven in a dangerous manner,” he said.

Calls were made to 000, alerting police and ambulance as the situation in the quiet cul-de-sac spiralled further out of control.

“The next you know all of these kids, who were drinking and obviously affected by alcohol piled into cars, taking matters into their own hands, saying they were going to find the driver,” a witness said.

Police said it appeared a group of teenagers went to a home in Hobbs Crescent, Toormina and broke windows.

In what was described as an act of retaliation, a Hyundai Elantra was also extensively damaged.

Police responded to both scenes and the damaged vehicle has been seized for forensic analysis.

Officers handling the case have indicated statements will be taken from up to 12 witnesses.

Investigations are continuing into the matter, and it’s unknown at this stage if charges will be laid.

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