‘Twirling hair’ breaches bail – man lands in jail

A MAN, 31, is in custody until Monday week after he allowed his girlfriend to "twirl his hair for 25 minutes" in the foyer of the Gympie Magistrates Court.  

That contact breached a bail condition that he stay away from the young woman, who is also a witness in other court matters involving him, including a Domestic Violence Order breach.  

Magistrate M Baldwin told him the offence was serious because the couple had been unable to manage their relationship without intervention and because of the possibility of interference with a witness.  

The court was told the young man made no attempt to remove himself from the girl's company, even though he was on bail with a condition that he not contact the girl, for reasons linked to an alleged Domestic Violence Order breach.  

"You were on 10 serious charges but given the benefit of bail (on May 3), on strict conditions" Mrs Baldwin told him.   She said he had since been accused of breaching bail and a Domestic Violence Order.  

Police told the court its orders had been blatantly disobeyed and after a conversation with the woman, she had indicated an intention to withdraw her domestic violence complaint.  

CCTV in the court foyer had shown him sitting beside the woman and allowing her to "twirl his hair".  

The man's legal representative said the man had not initiated the contact and had been trying not to cause a scene with her.  

What occurred was "perfectly civil" and everyone was safe, he said.  

Gympie Times

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