A BOWRAVILLE man has been charged in the latest police and road authority crackdown on the trucking industry.

Police say the man, who works for a Victorian transport company, will face court on an array of traffic matters after he allegedly was caught driving in an erratic manner.

It's alleged the driver attempted to bypass RMS Heavy Vehicle checking stations at 12 Mile Creek and Mount White on Wednesday morning.

Police intercepted the b-double on the F3 near Brooklyn about noon and the driver was taken to the Wetherill Park Checking Station where it was examined and defected.

The driver was issued with court appearance notices for driving in a dangerous manner, two counts of negligent driving, two counts of travelling too close to another vehicle and two work diary offences.

He is due to appear in Fairfield Local Court on April 18.

The latest truck operation codenamed Discovery involved police and Roads and Maritime Services and serves as a warning to trucking companies breaching safety laws.

Operations Commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, Superintendent Stuart Smith said he had significant concerns when taking into account the results of the past three operations.

"We have conducted three operations so far this year, and have serious concerns with the results being recorded across the industry," Supt. Smith said.

"The Joint Heavy Vehicle Task Force will continue to work closely to target those that fall within the chain of responsibility to address the issues we have found.

Operation Discovery conducted this week resulted in the inspection of 92 heavy vehicles belonging to two interstate transport companies with further vehicles to be inspected.

The first Victorian company had 40 of their fleet inspected resulting in;

  • Nine speed limiter compliance notices issued
  • 16 defect notices for brake faults, light faults, mud flaps, and axles compliance issues
  • Eight penalty notices issued for licence offences, defective equipment and fatigue related offences
  • Two Court Attendance Notices for false and misleading entries and exceeding working hours.

The second Victorian company had 52 of their fleet inspected resulting in;

  • 13 speed limiter compliance notices issued
  • 23 defects - number plates, oil leaks, brake faults, suspension issues
  • 11 penalty notices relating to fatigue offences
  • One Court Attendance Notice for false and misleading entry.

During Operation Discovery, two heavy vehicles operated by the second Victorian company were examined by RMS inspectors and found to have travelled at 146km/h and 132km/h.

The Bowraville man was a driver for the company.

During the three operations this year a total of 484 trucks have now been checked resulting in;

  • 48 identified as having evidence of speed tampering
  • 274 further infringements including breaches relating to mechanical defects, log book, fatigue and licences
  • Three drivers charged with drug use and two charged with drug possession

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