Trolleys push Henry's limits

Disabled parking bays are no place to store shopping trolleys.
Disabled parking bays are no place to store shopping trolleys.

FOR wheelchair users like Henry Duchateau, this is a sight which makes his blood boil.

He’s sick and tired of seeing disabled parking bays in Coffs Harbour’s Palms Shopping carpark clogged with shopping trolleys, which he describes as a blatant abuse of the regulations.

Mr Duchateau, who has multiple disabilities and has used a wheelchair since 1993, wants shoppers to show more respect for people with disabilities and to stop treating them like second-class citizens.

“My carer drives me where I need to go but it’s so frustrating when shopping trolleys block our way,” he said.

“My carer has to stop the car, get out and remove the trolleys and then park the car. It goes on and on and on.

“It gets particularly bad at this time of year because parking is at a premium.

“I would like to see somebody take responsibility and not put the trolleys there in the first place.”

Mr Duchateau said perhaps the answer was the provision of more trolley bays and increased vigilance from council rangers and Palms Centre management.

“If people see a bunch of shopping trolleys stacked up they think it’s okay to leave theirs behind as well even though it’s a disabled parking space.

“It just adds to the problem and it’s not on.”

He said to make matters worse, people tended to congregate around these parking bays to smoke and seemed to forget that a number of people with disabilities had some form of breathing problem.

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