Jozef and Rosalie in the driveway of the house.
Jozef and Rosalie in the driveway of the house. Bruce Thomas

Trespass in bizarre civil fight

BOAMBEE pensioners Rosalie Papp and Jozsef Pall were accused of trespassing on their own home yesterday after they chained the gate shut and barricaded the driveway to keep out the tenant, who says he is in the process of buying the house.

The pair said the camp-out was their only course of action because they had received only the initial deposit for the house, which they believed they had sold last November, had received no rent since that time and the buyer had put it back on the market with a different agent.

Mr Pall said they feared he would on-sell it and they would never receive their money.

Coffs Harbour solicitor Sam Ticli said yesterday proceedings were on foot for an order for possession of the property in the Supreme Court on May 30.

The buyer, Theo Sourios, who is also the tenant, agreed he had put the property back on the market but said information about the house provided to him when he bought it had been incorrect and he would be seeking damages in the Supreme Court.

The house at 142 Ayrshire Park Drive is currently advertised for sale by Crown Property Sales. It went to auction in March but was passed in.

Rosalie Papp said their contract of sale with Mr Sourios had expired, they had no rental agreement with him and they should be entitled to return to their own home.

Coffs Harbour police were dragged into the civil dispute and forced to call for bolt cutters to open the gate after they were called by Theo Sourios, who said he was its rightful owner and Mr Pall and Ms Papp were trespassing.

By the time the drama had played to a temporary close after 6pm yesterday, 65-year-old pensioner Jozsef Pall had ended up on the ground in handcuffs because he refused to open the gate after police told him he was trespassing and his partner, 70-year-old Rosalie Papp was sobbing.

“We work so hard all our life and now we are homeless,” she said.

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