Trees important to coastal butterflies

COFFS Coast residents and businesses are coming on board this Sunday to support National Tree Day.

National Tree Day is facilitated by environmental organisation Planet Ark and is Australia's biggest tree-planting event, promoting the planting of native trees and shrubs.

Bonville's Butterfly House is among the local supporters of the day.

Owner of Butterfly House, Fiona Barden, said it was the understanding of the importance of trees to butterflies that led them to get involved with the event.

“The caterpillar of each type of butterfly needs a particular type of plant for it to grow and survive,” Ms Barden said.

“Butterflies need plants rich in nectar so that they can feed and have energy to flit and fly, mate and multiply. So plants are vitally important to create sustainable environments for these delicate creatures.

“We are excited to provide the opportunity to further educate the public regarding the needs of butterflies, sharing information about them, their environments and the impacts that we all can make in creating sustainable environments for them.”

On National Tree Day, this Sunday between 10am and 2.30pm, visitors to the Butterfly House will be provided with information about plants butterflies from this area use and have the opportunity to sponsor and plant a butterfly plant in the Butterfly House rainforest garden.

Normal entry costs apply for the day and will include a seedling host plant to take home per family for one particular butterfly species, printed information about some Australian butterflies, Butterfly Gardening fact sheet, and some fun activities for children, including decorating pots and planting seeds, to foster interest in gardening and butterflies.

“We are eager to provide these experiences for visitors to our business and so grow the knowledge of people's impacts on the environment, especially on butterflies and their needs,” Ms Barden said.

For details visit or phone 6653 4766.

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