Become a cricket umpire

Learn the rules and perhaps become a cricket umpire.
Learn the rules and perhaps become a cricket umpire.

THE opportunity to learn the rules of cricket and perhaps become an accredited umpire is being offered through a four week course which begins on Tuesday night at 7.00pm.

An Umpires Training Course will be conducted over four nights at Club Coffs, West High Street, Coffs Harbour.

Held over four consecutive weeks at Club Coffs, the training course is being facilitated by CHDCA president and well known local umpire Ken Robinson who is an Accredited Training Officer with the NSW Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association.

The course is open to all interested players, captains, coaches and parents and will deal with the MCC Laws of Cricket rather than local by-laws.

At the completion of the training all participants will be provided with an opportunity to take an examination on the Laws of Cricket.

Registration is required and interested parties are asked to contact Robinson on 6651 1786 or by email to