Eight top tips for starting a new job

HAVE a new boss? Making a good impression on your manager and colleagues during your first week is crucial.

Careers expert Darren Buchanan, Queensland director of recruitment firm Hays, shares his top tips for people starting a new job.

Timing is everything

"Be early or at the very least make sure you arrive on time," Mr Buchanan said.

Dress the part

"It's no good dressing smart for the interview then turning up for the job dressed sloppily or inappropriately," he said.

"Be smart and be professional until you know the culture."

Listen up

"Be like a sponge in your first week and take everything in," he said.

Strike a balance

Mr Buchanan said it was best not to be too quiet or too assertive in a new role and be "quick to observe, slow to judge".

"If you have opinions keep them parked until you've learned the culture and understand the lay of the land."

Nail the name game

"You've got to be enthusiastic and positive; try and remember people's names, which is always difficult but it can impress," he said.

Introduce yourself

"Find out who you will be working with most or interacting with most and introduce yourself to establish an early relationship," he said.

Seek answers

"Reflect on what you've learned each day and also if you have questions write them down."

Be proactive

"If you're not sure where you stand in terms of your progress, ask your manager," he said.

"If you've finished a task, ask what else you can do."

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