Fishing the deep stuff while the tides are still reasonable

Dylan Price all set with his cast net he was given at the tinny and tackle show.
Dylan Price all set with his cast net he was given at the tinny and tackle show. Contributed

It looks as though it'll ease over tonight though, and once again turn more northerly as it drops out to below 10 knots tomorrow afternoon!

Hands up who's away out tomorrow and returning Sunday? Unfortunately it won't be me.

We have just passed through the first quarter of the lunar phase and from now through 'til the middle of next week the tides are building towards the new moon.

Obviously those who venture out on Saturday afternoon really should be considering fishing the deep stuff (over 50m) while the tides are still reasonable and also because it's going to be flat as a bikkie with less than half a metre swell predicted and possibly light and variable winds overnight.

A good point to remember though is to let someone know where you are going because from what I have found once you get outside the likes of Sykes Reef or out around Guthrie Shoal the radio becomes very quiet, many because the standard VHF set doesn't quite have enough power or the aerial may not be up to the task, to trip the repeater on shore.

When you are in the company of another boat the likes of the normal call-up channel which VMR Gladstone monitor being 81, and 82 needs to access the repeater on shore for it to work even though you might be 20 metres from each other.

What you need to do is to organise a channel away from those two like 72 or 74 which work on a line of sight system.

I usually have a small hand-held radio for chatting with the others, out with me via this, whilst still monitoring channel 82 in case something comes up where your assistance might be required.

These hand-held radios are not expensive and many are waterproof so if you do end up in the drink without your boat (maybe it might sink) you still have communication.

Pretty good life insurance if you ask me.

The reason why I am telling you all this is because it's Father's Day shortly, and something like this is the ideal gift if your kids want to go shares in one for your Dad.

Most tackle and chandlery shops sell them, and quiet often you spot them on special in catalogues.

Last weekend there was a mass exodus out to the big blue but for one reason or another many came home with just a feed which is so disappointing considering how much they all must've spent on fuel and all the rest which goes with a day or so out on the water.

Others found that sweet spot in the tide, along with good populations of fish, which weren't lingering on the bottom.

I was talking with one chap, who found a school of Sweetlip, which were positioned about 3-4 metres off the bottom, and within an hour or so had their bag limit.

Others really switched on their fishing skills, and targeted coral trout with paternoster rigs, gang hooks, with a nice juicy pilly attached to it.

These guys absolutely cleaned up!

Those who were using soft plastics also pulled in some good fish compared to those using dead baits like squid.

This weekend will be Red Emperor time, and if you follow what Pat Laws did a couple of weeks ago chopping up a decent bit of freshly killed Mackeral it'll surely reward you as much as it rewarded them, that day.

In the harbour, and surrounding area, there are plenty of decent Yellow Fin Whiting, or Summeries, about along with some decent Grunter as young Dylan Price managed to catch on live Yabbies.

Those with lures the Barra are certainly becoming more active but don't just limit yourself to chasing Barra, make sure you are ready for Grunter, mangrove Jack, Fingermark perch and some King Salmon.

Gather that fresh bait or even have a go at the live baiting.

Dylan Price certainly has the picked up the knack of throwing a cast net!

Hooroo, Dags

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