Gracie and Sam Schwarz (above) renewed their battles from Division 2 last term with a classic match, which Gracie won 6-5.
Gracie and Sam Schwarz (above) renewed their battles from Division 2 last term with a classic match, which Gracie won 6-5.

Top points for tournament

THERE was a non-national points tournament held at Glen Innes over the weekend.

Due to there being no national points on offer the standard of the tournament was good for juniors as they were assured of getting some tennis around their own level as long as they played in the correct grade.

These types of tournaments are very good for a player’s development.

Eli Bayliss from Sawtell outshone his juniors by winning both the open men’s singles and doubles.

Baylis was just too consistent and retrieved too many balls for Luke Edwards (Lismore) in the final. The match was over one set and was very close. Eli won 9-7. He teamed with Paul Denning (Alstonville) to win the doubles against a junior pair from Armidale, Daniel Nash and Branden Burey 9-5.

The Bayliss Tennis Academy took a group over and of those the following made finals: Rhys Johnston and Adam Barada teamed up in the B grade men’s doubles. They defeated a father-son combination of Dale and Zac Martin (Grafton) in the semis 9-5 but found the combination of Bryce Devlin and Nathan Moore from Lismore too tough in the final losing 9-2.

Alex Studley teamed with Nicole Burley (Armidale) to defeat Zoe Martin-Camila Elliot (Grafton) in the C grade ladies’ doubles 9-3. Bill Childs had a good weekend to win both the D grade singles and doubles. He defeated Andrew Lemin (Coffs) in singles 9-6 and paired with Hudson Kacsics to win the doubles against Josh Stevenson and Connor Dennehy (Gunnedah) 9-3.

Christie Haismann reached final of D grade singles only to find Zoe Marin (Grafton) too strong losing 9-2.

The Harbour Tennis Academy coached by Allan Pade also took a group and once again Siena De Salis performed the best.

She reached the final of the B grade singles where she found Emily Osmond (Gunnedah) a little too tough.

A few errors at the wrong time cost Sienna the final. She lost 9-8 in a match where she had her chances. Andrew Lemin reached the final of D grade singles as mentioned earlier.

He also teamed with Nadia Pade in the C grade mixed to reach the final. They had a close battle with Andrew and Annette Osmond (Gunnedah) before losing 9-7.

All players who went to Glen Innes had a great weekend.

Saturday morning juniors

The popular competition was played as usual although a few players were away at tournaments.

Gracie Hemer and Conlan Brehaut were the star performers. Each was undefeated in their singles. Gracie and Sam Schwarz renewed their battles from Division 2 last term with a classic match. The contest featured long rallies and after about 45 mins Gracie won 6-5 but it could have gone either way. Kelsi Govan really played well to push Conlan Breahaut all the way. Kelsi who has just gone up to top division was up 3-0 before Conlan dug in and played his way out of trouble. He won six of the next seven games to win 6-4.

In Division 2, Natalie Dierick won all her three sets. She won her two singles 6-2 and 5-3 and then teamed with Justin Brown to win the doubles 5-3. This was enough for her team to win 22-18.

Natalie Purton-Caitlyn Beverley and Liam Maybank-Dominic Slaviero had a great match in Division 3. Liam and Dominic got off to a good start.

After two very close singles which they managed to win 5-3 they were up by two. Then after the reverse singles the difference was only two with the doubles to go. This again was a set that could have gone either way but Liam-Dominic won 5-3 and the match 22-18. The other match was more one sided and Daniel Wilson and Isaac Govan did not lose a set in winning 30-10.

The Division 4 match was a nail biter. Ben Bensley and Tara Charleson played Lilli Hemer and Luke Croak. After the first two sets which went 5-3 to each team the scores were all square. Luke then went out and proved too consistent for his opponent in winning 6-2 and giving his team a handy lead. Tara, showed her fighting qualities to win a close set 5-3 and reduce the margin to two. She then combined with Ben to win the doubles 5-3 and draw the match, 20-20.

Both matches in Division 5 were good contests. Brayden Salt made the difference in his match. He won both his singles 7-1 in a dominant display. This margin of 14 games was too much for their opponents to catch. Brayden and Kayla Simmons won 23-17. The other match between Matthew Long-Arnika Jones and Chanelle Simmons-Jamin Goven was closer again. Jamin and Chanelle came out firing in the first two sets to win 5-3 and 6-2 respectively. In the reverse singles Arnika and Matthew got into a little more rhythm and went 4-all and 5-3 respectively to make the difference four. The momentum was now with Arnika and Mat who dominated the doubles to win 6-2 and force an unlikely draw. All players in Division 5 had a great mornings tennis and probably went for a cool swim afterwards.

Tip of the week

For those just starting to play singles always remember to try to rally across court.

Hitting the ball across court gives you the best chance of pulling your opponent out of court and winning the point.

Hitting the ball across court also means you are less likely to make an error as you are hitting to the longest part of court and hitting over the lowest part of the net.

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