Top Gear Australia hosts Steve Pizzati, Shane Jacobson and Ewen Page.
Top Gear Australia hosts Steve Pizzati, Shane Jacobson and Ewen Page.

Top Gear sitting in neutral

CHANNEL Nine has slammed on the brakes for this season of Top Gear Australia.

Although there are rumours circulating about the show's ratings and competing time slots, the boys are assured to be back later this year, with more heart-stopping episodes.

But in the meantime you can relive the first few episodes of season two online, while awaiting the return of the UK series.

Host of Top Gear Australia and publisher for ACP Men's Lifestyle - Motoring and Sport magazine, Ewen Page took time out of his busy motoring schedule to talk about what viewers could expect from the last half of the series.

He said the show would demonstrate even further how a hot car could make the ugliest man look like George Clooney.

One car in particular he said was a flawless pick-up machine is the Holden Efijy.

This car is all about fun, emotion and imagination.

It shows what a bunch of intelligent, talented design experts can do when they are let loose to create something really wild.

The 21st Century hot rod is a reincarnation Australia's famous car, the FJ Holden.

It is a radical pillarless custom coupe boasting V8 Supercar power under the bonnet, Chevrolet Corvette underbody and state-of-the-art automotive technology throughout.

Page said of all the cars he drove this season, this was his favourite.

The veteran journalist, the son of a car dealer, said he had always had a passion for cars.

He said he loved the fact Top Gear could bridge the gap between car enthusiasts and those who only know how to fill the fuel tank.

Whether you are a fan of the UK version or the Australian one, you will know the hosts of these shows get up to mischief behind the wheel of some of the world's hottest cars.

Shane Jacobson, Ewen Page and Steve Pizzati reunite for exciting Top Gear challenges, stunts and car reviews, plus the new segment V8 to the Rescue.

Page said there was a bit of everything this season from amazing stunts to nakedness.

"It is jam-packed season but we are more relaxed and have a bit more fun," Page laughed.


Top Gear Australia will return to Nine later this year.

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