WHEELCHAIR bound after an accident in 2017, Toowoomba resident Fred Borchardt said a new state-of-the-art Wellness Centre has helped him regain partial use of his legs.

Mr Borchardt was one of many singing the praises of the integratedliving Wellness Centre at Westridge Shopping Centre during its opening ceremony today.

"I've never been to a gym ever before, I used to lift bales of hay and wool," Mr Borchardt said.

"I've been coming for three weeks and they have been helping me rebuild the strength in my legs and it has helped to break the boredom.

"I can now stand unaided and I couldn't do that before."

The centre features a cutting edge gym, and a range of services including exercise and yoga classes, massage therapy, and social activity groups, focusing on older clients and those needing rehabilitation.

The centre's construction comes after extensive research by the company, which showed 75 percent of people weren't getting enough exercise and more than 50 per cent of people had one or more chronic illnesses in regional Queensland.

Toowoomba resident Helen Ruby is another client who said she has seen benefits.

"I hurt my back and my hip and I knew I had to get fit again," Ms Ruby said.

"I had exercises to do at home but I just wasn't motivated, then I came here.

"And now I am in it for the long haul."

Integratedliving Chief Executive Officer Catherine Daley said the wellness centre offered "untold benefits".

"It's suitable for older clients and anyone with a chronic illness," Ms Daley said.

"It's even being used for people undergoing chemotherapy, helping to build the immune system.

"We are passionate about health and wellbeing, especially of those in our regional communities."

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