Too much Facebook, not enough work

SOCIAL networking sites like Facebook have come under fire for impeding productivity in the workplace – now it seems our children’s education could also be suffering from the phenomenon.

A national survey commissioned by youth and self-development experts Oxygen Factory revealed more than three quarters of school students admit their homework is suffering as a result of sites such as Facebook, a finding that has Coffs Coast parents worried.

Close to 80 per cent of the 11- to 18-year-olds surveyed said they found social websites to be a distraction from homework, with 75 per cent claiming they checked their online profiles at least once every day.

Local parents are concerned about the impact of the sites on their children’s grades and are frustrated at the difficulty of monitoring internet access, especially seeing most homework tasks require it.

Mother of two Anita Raman said she has banned Facebook during homework time for her daughter. “Marina would spend half an hour an afternoon on Facebook then do some homework and get distracted by the chat pop-ups that keep coming,” Ms Raman said.

“She is now banned from having Facebook minimised while doing homework – but as most students need their laptop to complete their homework, it is hard to monitor.”

Angela Davies has similar concerns. Her daughter lied about her age online and started up a Facebook account without Ms Davies knowing. “I reported her to Facebook three times to try and get her account deleted.”

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