A Rockhampton shopper took this photo of two women in a shopping centre wearing bikinis which has split public opinion.
A Rockhampton shopper took this photo of two women in a shopping centre wearing bikinis which has split public opinion. Helen Day

Too far? Cheeky shopper splits public opinion

OPINION: FULL moon jokes were out in force yesterday on social media after a cheeky photo circulated of a shopper in Rockhampton.

The image of two ladies, one with a 'Brazilian' cut bikini bottom, generated more than 150 comments and shares as people aired their voice on what they thought was appropriate attire for a popular shopping centre.

Before we start, it was worth remembering it was a full moon last night and extremely hot during the day.

But would anyone have batted an eyelid if these girls were shopping near the beach?

Is this clothing an acceptable choice for a shopping centre?

This poll ended on 04 February 2018.

Current Results

Yes, people can wear whatever they want.


No, this is unacceptable.


I don't care.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

On a hot day by the coast, scores of women and men stroll through the air-conditioned aisles fresh off the beach in revealing outfits.

Or, would it have caused a social media storm if it had been a male (usually heavy-set) walking around topless through the shopping centre aisles?

We've all see plenty of those.

And what about the humiliation they would feel if they saw the post on social media and the tirade of abuse flung their way?

Especially considering most of the awful comments are from women. What happened to bring each other up instead of dragging them down?

If the authority of the centre didn't have an issue with their lack of clothing, then why should anyone else?

Let's be straight, nobody has broken any rules here.

What this image has done was raise questions about what is acceptable these days.

Here is what people said on social media.

Evander McDonald- "Call the fashion police".

Linda Robinson- "I'm amazed the photo was so steady. I would have thought it would be blurry from you pissing yourself laughing".

Willow Dunning- "They were so gross".

Lynsay Cleary- "What the heck is wrong with people".

Dylan Ghost- "Things that can't be unseen... jut going to scratch my eyes out now".

Lou Sykes- "While I wouldn't say that is appropriate attire for the shops, posting pictures of people such as this, on social media without their consent is cruel and immature".

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