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YOUR STORY: Mother's terror as toddler confronted by snake

SEVERAL birds were squawking up in the tree so we went to admire them and stood close by.

A large lizard sculpture was next to the tree and we stayed awhile to see it too.

As I was going to get my dog some water from nearby, my toddler was behind me still next to the tree, and I turned around to make sure he was all right.

As I turned, I noticed a 2m snake, also under the tree, with its head raised high and looking at my son.

Later I googled snake behaviour and discovered a rearing snake means it is ready to bite or strike! Either way, the snake terrified me because it was a metre away from my youngster.

Do you know what to do if confronted by snake?

This poll ended on 21 September 2015.

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No, I think I would freeze up in panic if one was too close


Yes, just calmly move away, trying to keep an eye on which way it was going


I'd be straight on the phone to a reptile handler to come to get away from me


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My son didn't see it so I coaxed him to come towards me as quietly as I could without startling the reptile; and so he would not defiantly go in the opposite direction, as children sometimes do. I did not want him to see the snake, fearing he might approach it out of curiosity.

Thank goodness he came towards me. With my other baby still in my arms, I grabbed my toddler and left as quickly as I could. We were safe, but only just.

My father, a bushman, said if my son had made eye contact with the snake he would have been bitten.

I hoped to warn other parents of what snakes will do, and let them know when to be wary: namely when lots of birds are gathered making a racket. And to walk away.

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