Tobias Robinson.
Tobias Robinson. Contributed

Tobias singing to support Queensland farmers in drought

NOOSA singer/songwriter Tobias Robinson is heading to drought-affected southwest Queensland to perform and help farmers with 'on the ground support'.

Tobias will join with Connecting Communities Australia to take a team of 25 volunteers to work on farms around Charleville from Sunday.

After a successful series drought relief concerts in 2017, Tobias recognised the importance of giving back and creating a positive reason for the communities to come together with music.

"What I love about performing music in Australia is connecting with the communities I travel to,” Tobias said.

"My music resonates with these audiences.

"It's also really exciting to team up with an organisation like CCA with a shared vision.”

Tobias will join Glenn Price and 'The Mojo Maker' Nikki Fogden-Moore along with 25 CCA volunteers when they travel from as far as Sydney and Brisbane to repair fences, farm buildings, provide on the ground support and much needed practical work where resources are so low.

Sharing stories, capturing content to raise awareness and delivering much needed hands on work, the week will culminate with a concert headlined by Tobias in Charleville for all the community.

"Whilst farmers search for feed for cattle and sheep our team will erect, renovate, repair, clean and paint buildings and fences on their properties, offer support and end the week with a special concert to bring the community together,” he said.

As Charleville enters its seventh year of drought, farmers and the rural community have reached breaking point.

With diminishing stock numbers and the need to buy hay for feed, the future can look bleak.

"With the help of Nikki Fogden-Moore the team will capture content and interview local heroes about their journey and sharing these across social media and platforms to bring awareness and understanding for day to day life and the challenges farmers are facing,” Tobias said.

Tobias will be performing free concerts on Tuesday at the Evening Star Caravan Park in Charleville, on Wednesday in Morven at Gidgee's Bush Camp and at Hotel Corones at Charleville.

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