Toad invasion not here yet

IT was a case of no toads is good news after a nocturnal surveillance of the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden.

Last Thursday night council and national parks staff and two local families joined friends of the gardens and ventured into the darkness after the recent discovery of an adult cane toad.

That the ‘toad bash’ yielded no new examples of the pest species was welcomed by the Garden’s acting supervisor Rick Ackland. “We were very relieved to not find a toad on the night,” he said.

“We had tape recorders playing cane toad sounds and we concentrated on creekside and wetland areas that the amphibians prefer, but I’m glad to say we didn’t hear or see a single one.”

The National Parks and Wildlife Service has acknowledged Yamba as the southern boundary of the cane toad invasion despite specimens being found in recent months at Port Macquarie.

“We will be maintaining a vigilant ear and eye on back area of the gardens. We need to make sure that any cane toads that venture into the gardens are unearthed and disposed of before they can establish a breeding colony.”

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